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Car Gadgets

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  1. Battery-operated Handy Pump
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    Battery-operated Handy Pump
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  2. Night Sight Overglasses - Grey Background
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    Night Sight Overglasses
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    Special Price £9.97

We’ve all met someone who is absolutely obsessed with their car and would marry it if they could. It’s their prized possession and is basically their main personality trait. Even their mobile background is their car. Well we’ve put together a selection of car gadgets and gifts for the car mad person in your life. Or maybe you’re that person and are just looking to pimp your ride. If so, check out our car accessories gifts and gadgets to make your car even nicer (if that’s even possible). And take a look at our driving experience gifts to complete the gift!

If you’re shopping for car gifts for him, the car fanatic in your life will certainly appreciate gadgets and tools to keep their car cleaner, make their driving experience easier or simply make the interior look a bit nicer. If they don’t have a car yet, how about a remote control car instead?

How about creating an amazing ambiance in your car with colour changing LED lights? Choose from 16 different colours and 5 lighting settings for creating the atmosphere inside your car depending on what mood you’re in. It’s super easy to set up too, by simply peeling and sticking them to the desired areas inside your car.

If you’re obsessed with keeping your car looking spotless (even though your room looks like a bomb site), then a mini Henry vacuum is the perfect gift for you. Reach inside all those little hard to reach gaps and awkward crevices with a mini portable vacuum. You can keep it with you in your car at all times, ideal for when your mate says they’re not eating in the back seat and you find it littered with crumbs. And whilst you’re at it, pick up a Henry microfibre screen cleaner to reach those tricky spots the windscreen wipers always seem to miss. For those pesky fingerprints all over the car windows, this is the perfect tool to wipe them off with ease.

If you enjoy hot drinks on the go, a heated travel mug that’s designed especially for the car is the gadget you didn’t know you needed. It’s super practical for those long road trips because it lets you choose your preferred heat setting. And don’t you just hate it when you accidentally spill coffee all over your car? Well you won’t have that problem with the non-spill lid, so you don’t need to panic when you accidentally knock it over. What’s more, it also includes a car charger and is designed to fit most cup holders. And check out our other cool home gadget gifts whilst you’re at it.

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