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  1. Earth Lamp
    Earth Lamp
  2. playstation icons light in the dark
    17% Off sale
    Sony PlayStation Icons Desk Light XL
    Special Price £25.00 was £30.00
  3. IT balloon light
    17% Off sale
    IT Pennywise Balloon Desk Light
    Special Price £25.00 was £30.00
  4. Minecraft Block Building Light
    13% Off sale
    Minecraft Block Building Light
    Special Price £35.00 was £40.00
  5. Xbox Logo Light - Lifestyle
    20% Off sale
    Microsoft Xbox Logo Desk Light
    Special Price £20.00 was £25.00
  6. Graffiti Lava Lamp 1
    17% Off sale
    Graffiti Lava Lamp
    Special Price £25.00 was £30.00
  7. Realistic Jellyfish Light 1
    15% Off sale
    Realistic Jellyfish Light
    Special Price £55.00 was £65.00
  8. Pac-Man Pixel Ghost Lamp
    12% Off sale
    Pac Man Pixel Ghost Lamp
    Special Price £22.00 was £25.00
  9. PlayStation 5 Icons Light – XL
    17% Off sale
    PlayStation 5 Icons Light – XL
    Special Price £25.00 was £30.00
  10. Friends Central Perk Neon Light - Lifestyle
    20% Off sale
    Friends Central Perk Neon Desk Light
    Special Price £20.00 was £25.00
  11. Boba Fett Head Deco Light 1
    17% Off sale
    Star Wars Boba Fett Deco Desk Light
    Special Price £25.00 was £30.00

With our range of lighting and lava lamps, your bound to create the perfect mood for your home. Also choose from book lights, neon lights, solar lamps and more.

Lights are a daily necessity for most of us, so why make them boring? Especially when we've got a dazzling collection of funky lighting to choose from - perfect for parties, work desks or just brightening up your home decor.

For pop culture lovers there are a host of superhero, sci-fi and cartoon head deco lights that make it appear like the lamp is literally bursting through your wall, plus all sorts of table lamps too. Death Stars, Pac-Man Ghosts, Tetris – there's something for every taste.

Add to that some classic 70s lava lamps, waterproof LED lights to brighten bath times, mini lights, massive lights – if it's illumination you need, you're sure to find it here.

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