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Horse Head Pillow Case

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  • Relive the classic Godfather moment with this Horse Head Pillow Case
  • White pillow case features a print of a severed horse head from the Godfather movie
  • Send a clear message to any of your sworn enemies
  • Even use it as a practical joke against your mates
  • Perfect gift for fans of the Godfather franchise
Horse Head Pillow Case
Horse Head Pillow Case Horse Head Pillow Case 1
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"Keep your friends close and your enemies closer." Well send your enemeies a clear message with this Horse Head Pillow Case, which will make them think twice about crossing you again!

This gruesome pillow case will allow you to relive the famous Godfather moment every morning when you wake up. Maybe youre friend got a bit worse for wear the previous night and they can't remember a thing. Well why not play a little practical joke on them and replace their pillow case with this Horse Head one, and watch them leap out of their skin when they wake up to find a dead horse head!

Great gift idea for any fans of the Godfather, so make sure you get this pillow case or we may have to call in the Mafia!