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Star Wars How to Speak Wookiee

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  • Handy communication manual for inter-galactic travellers and Jedi Knights
  • Also ideal for Star Wars fans - and there are plenty of those about
  • Offers phrases for you to use and includes phrases that a Wookiee may use
  • Makes a great birthday present or novelty house warming gift for the loo
  • In hardback: 12 pages. Official Star Wars merchandise
How to Speak Wookie
How to Speak Wookie Star Wars How to Speak Wookiee Star Wars How to Speak Wookiee Star Wars How to Speak Wookiee Star Wars How to Speak Wookiee Star Wars How to Speak Wookiee
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Do you live with or know a Jedi Knight? Do they often complain about not being able to converse with Chewbacca and the inhabitants of the planet Kashyyk in general. Now they can communicate with the "People of the Trees" thanks to this guide. After all, feeling the force may not stretch to speaking with Wookiees.

The How To Speak Wookiee sound book teaches intergalactic travellers in need how to understand and communicate with notoriously short-tempered Wookiees. This book supposes that you have been partnered with a Wookiee, or frequently find yourself in situations where you must deal with Wookiees, and offers phrases to use in communicating with them as well as crucial phrases that your Wookiee acquaintance may be trying to communicate to you. (As a bit of background, Wookiees are very good at learning and understanding other languages, but cannot speak anything but their own language.) This book is set in the "Star Wars" universe, but we have included mostly everyday situations that push the Star Wars world a bit.

Know any Star Wars fans? They 're the easiest people to buy presents for and this handy manual is for intergalactic communication will be an instant hit.