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Indoor Allotment Gift Set

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  • An indoor mini allotment with white wash wooden shed and picket fence
  • Comes with 3 miniature pots, drainage trays, herb snips and 3 soil pellets
  • Herb garden includes 3 packs of Coriander, Basil and Oregano
  • Ideal for flat dwellers - place it on a window ledge for an instant allotment
  • Dimensions: Width - 434 mm; Height 204 mm; Depth 164 mm
Indoor Allotment Gift Set 1
Indoor Allotment Gift Set Indoor Allotment Gift Set 1 Indoor Allotment Gift Set 2 Indoor Allotment Gift Set 3
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You can now grow your own herbs with this simple, stylish miniature Indoor Allotment set.

It is often said that the British love their gardens more than their children. This may or may not be the case however not everyone has a garden to love more than their offspring. If you hanker for a garden or even a small plot of land but only live in a flat, then this is the answer. This windowsill plant box brings the outdoors in. With city living, many of us struggle to enjoy vast outdoor spaces and allotments so this indoor version is great for style conscious green-fingered types.

The Indoor Allotment comprises a wooden shed complete with a white picket fence - all handmade and painted - surrounding three miniature plant pots with drainage trays for growing your herbs. The roof of the shed opens and the door swings open to reveal:

  • Herb snips
  • 3 soil pellets
  • 1 x Coriander (average contents 50 seeds)
  • 1x  Basil (average contents 200 seeds)
  • 1 x Oregano (average contents 100 seeds)

Everything is here to get you started on your own herb garden. Making a great house-warming present for friends who have just moved into a new flat or apartment. Place it on the balcony or window ledge for a touch of lovely greenery.

Stylish looks, innovative design and attention to detail make the miniature Indoor Allotment the ultimate interior piece, Shortlisted as Gift of the Year 2012.

Dimensions: Width - 434 mm; Height 204 mm; Depth 164 mm

A great gift for any house or dwelling!

  • Herb snips
  • 3 soil pellets
  • 3 plant pots
  • Coriander seeds (approx 50 seeds)
  • Basil seeds (approx 200 seeds)
  • Oregano seeds (approx 100 seeds)
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