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Joke Box

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  • Joke Box features 5 classic pratical jokes for the ultimate prankster
  • Includes Whoopee Cushion, Hand Buzzer and Creepy-Crawly Ice Cubes
  • Also features Snappy Chewing Gum and Squirt Ring
  • Ideal for the appretice mischeif maker 
  • Not suitable for prankseters under the age of 6 
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Calling all pranksters and mischievous meddlers, this bumper box of tricks and pranks has all you need to cause hilarious mayhem at your next party or gathering. 

Slip the classic whoopee cushion under your auntie’s chair to make everyone question her eating habits and flatulence issues, or even drop the creepy-crawly ice cube into someone’s drink and watch them recall in horror when they learn that an insect has infected their drink. Use the squirt ring to project a jet of water at any unsuspecting victim who wants a closer look at your jewellery. 

People always say that a handshake can tell you everything you need to know about someone, so let everyone know how much of a prankster you are with the Hand Buzzer which you can hide in the palm of your hand to deliver a vibrating shock on your next ‘friendly’ meeting.   If you’re sick of people pestering you for gum all the time then whip out this Snappy Chewing Gum which looks perfectly ordinary but it delivers a mouse-trap-like snap whenever someone tries to remove a stick of your precious gum.