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Health and Fitness Gadgets

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  1. Mini Exercise Home Bike - grey background
    14% Off sale
    Mini Exercise Bike
    Special Price £59.00 was £69.00
  2. Office Gym
    51% Off sale
    Office Gym
    Special Price £39.00 was £79.00
  3. RED5 Waterproof Action Camera
    20% Off sale
    RED5 Waterproof Action Camera
    Special Price £20.00 was £25.00
  4. Cycle On 1
    20% Off sale
    Cycle On Kit
    Special Price £20.00 was £25.00
  5. Bicycle Rear View Mirror
    18% Off sale
    Bicycle Rear View Mirror
    Special Price £18.00 was £22.00
  6. Digital Golf Distance Finder
    14% Off sale
    Digital Golf Distance Finder
    Special Price £30.00 was £35.00
  7. Sharper Image UV-Zone Phone Sanitizer
    33% Off sale
    Sharper Image UV-Zone Phone Sanitizer
    Special Price £19.97 was £30.00
  8. Foldable Push Up Board
    20% Off sale
    Foldable Push Up Board
    Special Price £39.00 was £49.00
  9. Massage Balls – 3 Pack
    38% Off sale
    Massage Balls – 3 Pack
    Special Price £4.97 was £8.00
  10. resistance bands being used by man
    50% Off sale
    Fabric Resistance Bands – 3 Pack
    Special Price £9.97 was £20.00
  11. UV Sterilizer QI Charger
    49% Off sale
    UV Sterilizer QI Charger
    Special Price £19.97 was £39.00
  12. Under Par Golf Balls - Set of Six
    17% Off sale
    Under Par Golf Balls - Set of Six
    Special Price £9.97 was £12.00
  13. Heavy Duty EVA Rubber Foam Fitness Mat
    32% Off sale
    Heavy Duty EVA Rubber Foam Fitness Mat
    Special Price £14.97 was £22.00
  14. Running Armband
    34% Off sale
    Running Armband
    Special Price £3.97 was £6.00
  15. Anti-Burst Exercise Ball
    23% Off sale
    Anti-Burst Exercise Ball
    Special Price £9.97 was £13.00
  16. Yoga Block
    34% Off sale
    Yoga Block
    Special Price £3.97 was £6.00
  17. Phoenix Fitness Sit Up Bar
    41% Off sale
    Phoenix Fitness Sit Up Bar
    Special Price £9.97 was £17.00

Sports have never been easier with our fitness gadgets! Whether it's to record the action, cycle safer or find those pesky golf balls, our fitness gadgets are sure to help and keep you on track. 

And when you're done, sit back and relax with our range of massagers, which work in a range of positions and settings as well as on a variety of body parts. So wherever your pain is, it will be eased away, leaving you relaxed and ready for more!

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