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Mensa Heat Senstive Mug

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  • Heat senstive Mensa coffee mug - perfect gift for an office colleauge
  • As hot water is added, inscription "Subject to Confirmation" appears
  • Details included on how to pass test to become a Mensa Member
  • As the liquid cools or mug empties, the inscription disappears 
  • Stoneware coffee mug is NOT dishwasher and microwave safe
Mensa Heat Senstive Mug
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Here's the ideal mug for the person who claims to be a genius - or just thinks he or she is! Ideal as a gift for a work colleague or house warming present, the Mensa mug is heat sensitive mug; when hot water is added, a message appears. 

Without the hot liquid, this coffee mug is simply inscribed with Mensa Genius; put the kettle for that much needed brew and pour in and presto, the phrase "Subject to Confirmation" is revealed. To verify this, the mug comes complete with details on on how to take an IQ test to find out whether the drinker is intelligent enough to be a Mensa member. Of course, once the test has been taken and the individual has gained acceptance or suffered rejection into the hallowed halls of Mensa genius, the truth will be hard to disprove. That’s why the emerging inscription reminds us that Mensa Genius is subject to confirmation. 

As the liquid cools,  the secret message starts to disappear, ready to be revealed over the next hot beverage.The mug measures 10 x 7 x cm which is just the right size for your morning cuppa. However we would advise that mug is handwashed rather than placed it into the dishwasher or re-heated in the microwave, otherwise the colour changing effect will be damaged.