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Collectible Statues & Figures

Welcome to our collection of cool figures and statues of all your favourite superheroes, villains, TV characters, gaming figurines and more! Shop the collection of officially licensed figures at Menkind.

Awesome Anime & Manga Figures and StatuesAwesome Anime & Manga Figures and Statues
Find your perfect gaming desk buddy with our great offering of Cable GuysFind your perfect gaming desk buddy with our great offering of Cable Guys
Cool Star Wars and Mandalorian collectibles Cool Star Wars and Mandalorian collectibles
Check out our range of Funko Pop! Vinyl figurines, perfect to complete your collectionCheck out our range of Funko Pop! Vinyl figurines, perfect to complete your collection
Great Gaming Merchandise for your collectionGreat Gaming Merchandise for your collection
Awesomely detailed Statues and Figures of your favourite characters by BanprestoAwesomely detailed Statues and Figures of your favourite characters by Banpresto

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  1. All Might 1item
  2. Avengers 2items
  3. Batman 6items
  4. Beetlejuice 1item
  5. Biggie Smalls 1item
  6. Black Panther 1item
  7. Boba Fett 3items
  8. Boruto 1item
  9. Bumblebee 1item
  10. Darth Vader 1item
  11. Deadpool 4items
  12. Deku 2items
  13. Dobby 1item
  14. Falcon 1item
  15. Freddie Mercury 1item
  16. Frieza 1item
  17. Gandalf 1item
  18. Gogeta 1item
  19. Goku 4items
  20. Groot 2items
  21. Guardians of the Galaxy 3items
  22. Harley Quinn 2items
  23. Hawkeye 1item
  24. Himiko Toga 2items
  25. Inosuke Hashibira 1item
  26. Iron Man 2items
  27. Izuku Midoriya 2items
  28. Jack Skellington 1item
  29. Joker 2items
  30. Katsuki Bakugo 1item
  31. L 1item
  32. Lemillion 2items
  33. Lilo 1item
  34. Lord Shaxx 1item
  35. The Mandalorian 2items
  36. Marty McFly 1item
  37. Master Chief 5items
  38. Mini-Puft 2items
  39. Muzan 1item
  40. Naruto Uzumaki 2items
  41. Pennywise 1item
  42. Peppa Pig 1item
  43. Raya 1item
  44. Ryuk 2items
  45. Shenron 1item
  46. Shikamaru Nara 1item
  47. Shoto Todoroki 1item
  48. Simon 'Ghost' Riley 1item
  49. Sir Nighteye 1item
  50. Spider-Man 2items
  51. Spyro 1item
  52. Star-Lord 1item
  53. Stormtrooper 8items
  54. Tanjiro Kamado 1item
  55. Thanos 1item
  56. The Child 7items
  57. The Daleks 1item
  58. Thor 1item
  59. Vegeta 3items
  60. Vegito 1item
  61. Venom 2items
  62. Wall-E 1item
  63. Boo 1item
  64. Jaskier 1item
  65. Gobta 1item
  66. Lex Luther 1item
  67. Catwoman 1item
  68. Raven Guard Veteran Sergeant 1item
  69. Reiver 1item
  70. Genestealer 1item
  71. Red Hood 1item
  72. Riddler 1item
  73. Mike Wazowski 1item
  74. Sulley 1item
  75. Mad Hatter 1item
  76. Alice (in Wonderland) 1item
  77. Geralt 1item
  78. Megumi Fushiguro 1item
  79. Nejire Hado 1item
  80. Asuna 1item
  81. Veldora Tempest 1item
  82. Taskmaster 1item
  83. Alien (Toy Story) 1item
  84. Satoru Gojo 1item
  85. Maya Lopez 1item
  86. Rocky Balboa 1item
  87. Apollo Creed 1item
  88. Nobara Kugisaki 1item
  89. Selina Kyle 1item
  90. Kate Bishop 1item
  91. Sukuna 1item
  92. Yuji Itadori 1item
  93. Eleven 1item
  1. Banpresto 30items
  2. McFarlane 9items
  3. Funko 61items
  4. Cable Guy 15items
  5. Dark Horse 2items
  6. First4Figures 2items
  7. AbyStyle 8items
  8. Hasbro 5items
  1. See No Evil Stormtrooper 10cm - Grey Background
    34% Off sale
    Star Wars See No Evil 4" Stormtrooper
    Save £5.03
    Special Price £9.97
  2. Lord of the Rings Balrog vs Gandalf Desk Lamp
    25% Off sale
    Lord of the Rings Balrog vs Gandalf Desk Lamp
    Save £16.00
    Special Price £49.00
  3. Dragon Ball Z Full Scratch Frieza 6” Figure
    29% Off sale
    Dragon Ball Z Full Scratch Frieza 6” Figure
    Save £10.00
    Special Price £25.00

Geek out on your favourite characters with our awesome range of collectible figures and statues. We have officially licensed and brilliantly sculpted figures, statues and action figures based on all the coolest franchises from anime, gaming, movies and more! If you’re a die hard fan of that movie franchise, video game or comic and just can’t get enough, then get your hands on your favourite characters and display them proudly. If you’ve already started collecting your figurines, add to your favourite franchise characters and complete the set with our range of collectibles at Menkind. So get even closer to your most loved heroes by having them in miniature form on your bedroom shelf or desk to watch over you. Our figurines and collectibles also make great gifts for the fans in your life, so get someone a cool figure for a special present that they’ll treasure.

Anime & Manga Figurines

If you have a love for anime and manga characters from your favourite shows, then get your hands on the very best collectible figures which look even cuter in miniature form. We’ve got officially licensed Naruto models, My Hero Academia figures, Dragon Ball Z collectibles and even a glow in the dark Death Note model which looks great in your bedroom or gaming den. Make sure you also check out our Pop Vinyl anime and manga figurines too! 

Superhero & Comic Figurines

Whether you’ve got that one superhero you look up to – or if you’re more into villains, that’s cool …take a look at our figures from your favourite franchises and get collecting today! We have figurines in all sorts of shapes and sizes, including Pop Vinyl, cable guys, realistic sculptures and even decanters. For the big kid in your life who’s obsessed with DC, how about a Batman decanter for storing their favourite tipple in style? For all the Marvel obsessed gamers, get yourself a cable guy to guard your console whilst you’re away. Or start collecting our officially licensed superhero and villain figurines from your favourite franchaise.

Gaming Figurines

Kit out your gaming den and add the finishing touches with your most loved gaming action figures collectibles. You may have the gaming chair, gaming desk and gaming accessories, but you’re lacking the decorations! Want somewhere to put your controller? A cable guy of your favourite gaming character is just the thing you need. Is your games shelf looking a bit empty? Get yourself some awesome figurines collectibles to fill the space.

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