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Licensed Lights

Welcome to our impressive collection of movie lights, gaming lights and lights from your favourite franchises! We’ve got lights in all different shapes and sizes to brighten up your living space in style.

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For the die hard fans of that one TV show, movie or game, our licensed lights are for you! If you’re after the finishing touches for your bedroom, gaming den or study then get your hands on our gaming lights, movie lights and lights from all different franchises. Decorating the kids room? You can’t go wrong with a nightlight of their favourite superhero or villain. Looking to add to your gaming set up to make it even more awesome? We’ve got gaming lights from all different collections just for you. If you’re big into MCU, we’ve got Marvel lights for big and small Marvel fans. Whether you’re into Xbox or PlayStation, we’ve got Xbox lights as well as PlayStation lights for you. So whatever you’re a fan of, we may just have the light for you! Browse our different licensed light categories and pick your favourite from our collection. And if you can’t get enough of licenced stuff, check out our licensed technology, licensed homewares and Pop Vinyl figures!

TV & Movie Lights

Bring your room to life with a licensed light of your favourite TV show or movie. We all know a Harry Potter fan - or Potterhead should we say - so what better gift for them than a magical lamp? We’ve got Potion Mood Lamps which changes colour to make your surroundings truly spellbinding. For a Harry Potter twist on fairy lights, how about Led Potion Glass Bottle Lights, each labelled with different magical potions! For a more classic design, check out our Hogwarts Express Logo Light for the wizards looking to disembark from the famous Platform 9 3/4. We’ve also got a beautiful Disney movie light of the Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast, for the princesses out there. StarWars fans, we haven’t forgotten about you – explore our adorable Mandalorian lights, and various StarWars lights in different shapes and sizes.

Gaming Lights

We reckon your gaming set up is missing some licensed lights… So get your hands on our awesome range of gaming lights to give your room a better ambiance and turn off the blinding big light whilst you game. For the real players, shop our PlayStation lights in a range of colours to brighten up your gaming space. And Xbox fans, we have a bunch of Xbox lights for you too! And whether you spend all your time playing COD or Minecraft – take a look at our Call of Duty lights and Minecraft lights too.

Superheroes & Comic Lights

For the big and small kids, get a load of our superhero lights! We’ve got an awesome collection, including Thor, Captain America, Spiderman, Iron Man lights and a bunch of other Marvel lights for you to choose from.

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