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Microblock Phone Case for iPhone 6 and 7

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  • Customisable Microblock Phone Case for iPhone 6 or 7
  • Includes 160 bricks and compatible phone case
  • Miniature blocks provide great variety
  • Build your own unique designs
  • Create and rebuild as often as you like
  • Case measures approx. 14cm x 7cm x 1 cm
Microblock Phone Case 58870 2
Microblock Phone Case 58870 2 Microblock Phone Case 58870 4 Microblock Phone Case 58870 3 Microblock Phone Case 58870 5 Microblock Phone Case 58870 6
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If you’ve not already heard of Microblocks then you soon will. They’re super tiny building blocks that let you create some incredibly detailed and tiny models. This Phone Case takes that awesome creativity and builds it into a phone case with almost unlimited potential for customisation!

The case itself will fit your iPhone 6 or 7 and has row upon row of Microblock studs on the back. Also in the box you’ll find 160 individual Microblocks in different colours, shapes and sizes that you can use to create a vast range of unique designs. We’ve found that 2D ‘pixel art’ tends to work best, but there’s nothing to stop you building upwards and outwards too should the fancy take you.

Then when you’ve got bored of whatever you have created just pop off all the blocks and start again. Not only are there virtually unlimited design options, you can also recreate your case as often as you like! So if you want to make the back of your iPhone as eyecatching as the screen, the Microblocks Phone Case is the way forward!