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  • Control MiPosaur using the downloadable app or by using hand gestures
  • Works with hand gesture technology for fluid play and interactivity
  • Make MiPosaur dance, hunt or go walking with the interactive track ball
  • MiPosaur comes with a free app loaded with tons of cool games
  • Use MiPosaur's powerful tail to play with other robots and MiPs
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The era of the dinosaurs may be long gone but thanks to new technology you can now bring home your very own interactive dinosaur. Introducing the MiPosaur, an interactive dinosaur robot that will react to your movements and how you treat it!

This fantastic interactive robot is sure to be a hit with anyone that loves a bit of downtime and playing around. The MiPosaur comes in black with blue light up eyes and ‘ears’, and blue accents down its body and tail.  MiPosaur doesn’t just look good but is sure to amaze with its ‘moods’ and functions. This dino bot can be friendly, playful, angry or frightened depending on your actions and how you treat it.

The MiPosaur comes with an interactive track ball that you can use to play with the bot and activate his many functions. By choosing a mode on the ball you can make MiPosaur dance, hunt, be led around or let him chase the ball when it is thrown. You can also teach your MiPosaur tricks like balance backwards and tip forwards.

A free downloadable app is also available with MiPosaur with tons of fun games and tricks. With the app you can instantly change MiPosaur's emotions as well as drive him around with greater control. The app also includes gaes such as battle mode where you can interact with MiPs and make them duke it out. If you already have a MiP there is also a story mode incolving MiP and MiPosaur. Use the app to feed MiPosaur tasty treats as well as smelly socks and watch the fun dino chase after the virtual treats in real time. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android smart devices.

To increase the fun, get 2 or more of these great dinos and they will react to each other! This would make a great gift for any age group. Requires: 4x AA and 4x AAA (not included).