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Noke Bluetooth Padlock

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  • The world’s first Bluetooth padlock, for use with your smartphone
  • Allows users to open a lock without the need for keys using the app
  • Easily manage multiple locks and see when, where and who has used them
  • Automatically finds and connects to your smartphone when you are close by
  • You can wave goodbye to lost keys and forgotten combinations for good
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If ever there was something that needed to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century it would be the padlock. Over one hundred years have gone by with few advancements, so luckily the clever folks at Noke have changed this for good. Their revolutionary design brings a fresh twist to the humble lock, making it far easier and more efficient than ever before.

The Noke Padlock is the world’s very first Bluetooth padlock, so at last you can wave goodbye to forgotten combinations and lost keys as this clever padlock is controlled by your smartphone. Simply by downloading the app you can control your padlock, create a schedule for use, grant and revoke access to your friends and family and see a history of when, where and by whom the padlock was used. Pretty darn clever!

So never again will you lock yourself out of your own stuff! With the app you don’t even need to take your phone from your pocket as the handy Noke Padlock will find and connect with your device once you are within a few feet and unlock the padlock for you. This handy product is completely weather proof, with all of its key components happily tucked away inside the lock. It’s extra sturdy too, made from boron-hardened steel and anti-shim technology ensuring all your stuff will stay perfectly safe.

But we know what you’re thinking, what if I’ve run out of battery? Well luckily those clever designers have thought of that too with the ‘Quick Click’ system, where you set up a unique combination of clicks to access your lock manually. So say goodbye to keys for good and say hello to this perfect padlock!