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Perfect Bake

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  • Revolutionary set of scales and bowls for baking treats
  • Free Perfect Bake app includes 100’s of yummy recipes
  • The intuitive app and scales customises recipes for you
  • The 3 coloured bowls are microwave and dishwasher safe
  • The app and scale measures all the ingredients for you
Perfect Bake
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Baking is a tried and tested method for relaxing that also includes a delicious treat at the end of your efforts. The only problem is that baking can actually be very stressful if you’re not a maestro in the kitchen and attempts at baking can sometimes result in burnt mess that’s unfit even for the bin. Well with the Perfect Bake set, these hassles can be a thing of the past and you will be able to easily whip up delicious treats time after time with no mess, no fuss and no hassle.

The Perfect Bake is an incredibly easy to use product that is perfect for anyone that loves cakes, cookies, desserts and more. An intuitive app can be downloaded onto any smart phone or tablet and it includes hundreds of recipes including recipes for specialist diets such as vegan or gluten-free! The Perfect bake set includes electronic scales, 3 colour coded bowls, an oven thermometer and a stand to hold your smart device.

There’s no need to measure out ingredients anymore as the scales connect to the app and will tell you when you’ve poured the correct amount into the bowl. If the recipe calls for a 13x9” pan and you only have a 6” pan simply use the pan sizer function and the app will adjust the recipes to suit your utensils! You can tell the app exactly how many cookies you want to bake, or how many people you want your cake to serve and the app will automatically adjust the amounts for you. No more tricky maths!

This amazing set of scales and bowls is the perfect gift for any budding baker and is sure to provide an easy, fool-proof and perfect cookery experience every time.