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Perfect Drink Cocktail Maker

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  • Create perfectly mixed cocktails everytime with this cocktail kit
  • Measure each ingredient accurately with the included scales
  • Pair up your smartphone with the scales using the free online app
  • App includes hundreds of cocktail recipes and you can even create your own
  • Includes smart scale, 750ml shaker, 3.5mm cable and phone/tablet stand 
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Cocktail making is an art, it's not simply pouring what ever you have in the cupboard into your glass, so why not bring mixology into the 21st century with this Perfect Drink Cocktail Making Kit which features an ingenious smart scale for you to measure the perfect amount for your drink. 

The smart scales pair up with your electronic device via the free downloadable app which guides you through step by step instructions to make the perfect drink.  Place any glass (or the included shaker) on the smart scale, choose your cocktail via the app and as you pour, the scales will automatically weigh each ingredient and will alert you when to stop, so you won't need to use a measuring jug. What if you over pour? If you add a bit too much of a certain ingredient, the scales will automatically re-adjust the volume for the other ingredients so you won't sacrifice on flavour. 

If you fancy yourself as a bit of a drinks innovator the Perfect Drink will let you create your own drinks and save them in the scrapbook for later, which is perfect if you create a delicious concoction at 3am but couldn't remember how you made it! You can even alter existing recipes and save them for later. For instance why not change "Sex On the Beach" to "Sex in Tennessee" with an added bit of JD.Now not all of us have fully stocked liquor cabinets, so if you tell the app what drinks you do have it will conjure up a list of possible cocktails so you can experiment with different creations.

Includes: smart scale, 750ml stainless steel shaker, 3.5mm cable and phone/tablet stand. 

Scales require 3xAAA batteries (not included).

  • 1 x Smart scales
  • 1 x 750ml cocktail shaker
  • 1 x 3.5mm cable
  • 1 x Phone/tablet stand
  • Manual
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