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Pod+ Water Filter Bottle

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  • Pod+ Water Filter Bottle – filters as you drink
  • Filter is ultra-effective – works on tap water, riverwater and more!
  • Filter will clean up to 175l of water or for 2 months
  • Also removes nasty chemical tastes from tap water
  • Super-comfortable mouthpiece
  • One-press operation and super speedy flow rate
  • Utterly leak-proof
  • Ultra-clean cap with safety lock
  • Made from BPA-free tritan plastic
  • 585ml Capacity
Pod+ Water Filter Bottle 6
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Before the days of clean drinking water, people were forced to drink water from dirty sources: ponds, rivers and streams that could be polluted or full of unknown diseases. As time wore on, we learned to build reservoirs and make filtration systems that would provide safe and clean drinking water to everyone. Now, finally, things have come full circle. Where once drinking from streams and rivers invited disease and illness, it can now be made perfectly safe, thanks to the revolutionary, space-program-inspired technology that goes into this incredible Pod+ Water Filter Bottle.

Without going massively into the science behind these incredible bottles, they’re designed to emulate natural mineral waters, using similar processes involving alkaline, ionisation and antioxidants to purify the water. The result is water that is as fresh and clean as pure mountain spring water, filtered as you drink it to deliver a great, refreshing taste with no diseases. There is a vast list of the various viruses and bacteria that the bottle filters out, from E. coli to dysentery, from Legionella to Hepatitis A, from Reobiruses to basic chemicals like Chlorine… all of it is removed by this marvel of modern technology.

Coming in black, red and blue, and made from BPA-free tritan plastic, the Pod+ Water Filter Bottle is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning between uses, and is incredibly simple to operate, with one-touch operation. The filter cleans the water as you drink, and the rapid flow rate means that you won’t notice any delay in your drinking. It’s also pleasant to drink from, with a specially designed super-comfortable mouthpiece. A single filter should be replaced after cleaning 175l of water or 2 months, whichever comes first.

The perfect gift for the adventurous spirits wanting to go on a long walk with nothing but the stars to guide them, or for anyone wanting the freshest, cleanest water from the tap every day, this bottle is truly the next generation of water technology.