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Potato Zapper

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  • Pistol shaped, easy to use Spud Gun - good family fun!
  • Easy to use - simply load, aim, and pull the trigger
  • Will keep you and your enemies entertained for hours
  • Shoots over 300 shots from a single large potato
  • Suitable for ages 8+ - a food fight with a difference
Potato Zapper
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Potatoes make great ammunition so get ready for a good old fashioned showdown with any inanimate object that gets in your way with this Potato Zapper or Spud Gun. Easy and fun to use, this potato pistol will see you going through potatoes at a rapid rate!

Simply press the gun's tip into any kitchen variety potato, break off a small pellet, aim, squeeze the trigger and it will shoot the harmless potato pellet wherever you aim. One potato equals approximately 300 shots. Of course, you will get more out of a large King Edward than any "new potato" variety, however it's entirely up to you what ammo you choose!

This is a food fight with a difference! With up to 300 shots, you can shoot away all day!