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Prynt iPhone Case 6/6s

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Please note: this product is excluded from all coupon code offers.
  • Prynt case for iPhone lets you print your photos from your phone
  • Lightweight and portable design can be taken with you anywhere
  • Long lasting, ink-free, high resolution, tear and fade resistant prints
  • Augmented reality brings your photos to life like never before
  • Prynt iPhone Case measures approximately 16cm x 11cm x 6cm
Prynt iPhone Case 6/6S 1
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If you take more photos than you ever have before, but you have fewer pictures, then we have the perfect solution to make pictures a reality again!

So if you miss having a physical picture in your hand, the Prynt iPhone Case 6/6s lets you instantly print your iPhone photos on the go, just like a classic Polaroid camera. The incredible light and portable iPhone case that doubles up as an instant photo printer, Prynt makes it possible to instantly print your images wherever you are. Simply connect your phone to the Prynt Case, take your photo and a quick video, and instantly get a high quality photo print which is tear resistant, fade resistant, super long lasting and has millions of high resolution colours built in! And there’s no messy cartridges or ink to worry about either, as the specialist ZINK paper uses incredible ink-free technology.

But this amazing case isn’t just about photo printing (even though that’s pretty cool), as there’s some hidden magic built in to every photo. Every time you take a snap, a mini video will also be recorded. Then, whenever you view the printed image through the Prynt app, the picture will come to life making your favourite memories even more memorable. This cool augmented reality adds a whole new dimension to your photos, and makes this awesome case a must-have for any iPhone user!

Please note: this product is excluded from all coupon code offers.