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R2D2 Desktop Hoover

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  • Adorable R2D2 desktop vacuum
  • Works through included USB cable
  • Button on his head to turn him on
  • Screw top lid to dispose of waste
  • Feel the force of his cleaning power
R2D2 Desktop Hoover
R2-D2 Desktop Vacuum R2D2 Desktop Hoover R2D2 Desktop Hoover R2D2 Desktop Hoover R2D2 Desktop Hoover 2 R2D2 Desktop Hoover 1
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“Excuse me sir, but that R2D2 is in prime condition, a real bargain”

It is almost impossible to find someone who doesn’t know the famous little astromech droid that formed half of a duo with his partner C3PO. R2D2 aided Luke and the rebels in their fight against the Empire and earned his place as a household favourite. Now you can let him become a favourite in your office by aiding you in the fight against dirt!

This fantastic little desktop cleaner stands at 13.5cm and is ready to suck up crumbs, dust, dirt and pencil shavings. The product comes with a USB cable that can go directly into your USB port while the other end is attached to R2. When he’s plugged in this plucky little droid will get to work and will hoover up your mess with his front leg.

To turn your R2 unit on simply press the button on the top of his head while he’s plugged in and press again to turn him off. When he is full his head unscrews so you can easily dispose of the mess inside straight into the bin. Although cute this product is not recommended for children under 3 years of age due to small parts presenting a choking hazard. Recommended age guidelines advise that this product is suitable for ages 6+.

This would make the perfect gift for the Star Wars fan in your life or anyone that is well known for eating at their desk and leaving little crumbs everywhere.