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Blade Sharpener

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  • Comprehensively cleans razors to make them last ten times longer
  • Gives a much more comfortable, cleaner shave for much longer
  • Your razor will last up to 150 shaves
  • Environmentally and financially friendly
  • Product dimensions - L:155mm; W:55mm; D:37mm
Blade Sharpener
Blade Sharpener Razor Pit Razor Sharpener Blade Sharpener Blade Sharpener
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Think about all those times you've bought a disposable razor. 8 blade technology and all that other stuff aside, each individual razor runs out after a few uses, leaving you with no razor and a healthy sized hole in your pocket, no matter how technically perfect it is. Now with the Razor Blade Sharpener that can stop. Save up to 90% on buying razor blades, this product cleans all the hair and soap from the rivets of your razor preventing you from getting that clean, fresh, sharp shave you desire, and provides you with that optimum shaving experience for far, far longer than you would have without the help of the Razor Blade Sharpener.


  • Put shaving foam on the flat surface of the product, then depress your razor against it
  • Against the grain of the blades, push the razor along the Sharpener a few times
  • Rinse both razor and Sharpener under water

It really is as simple as that. Not only is this revolutionary product kind on your wallet, but on the environment too, which suffers greatly from the 600 million men using razor blades every year and the massive, wasteful turnover, creation and disposal in the market that this creates. So buy the Razor Pit Razor Blade Sharpener today, the must-have grooming product for men.