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  1. RED5 Motion Control UFO with a hand and remote
    33% Off sale
    RED5 Motion Control UFO
    Special Price £20.00 was £30.00
  2. Motion Reactive Flyer - Lifestyle
    40% Off sale
    Motion Reactive Flyer
    Special Price £18.00 was £30.00
  3. Flying Bee - Lifestyle
    Flying Bee
  4. RED5 Nano Drone-Black - grey background
    10% Off sale
    RED5 Nano Drone-Black
    Special Price £18.00 was £20.00
  5. Yellow Motion Control Drone
    28% Off sale
    Yellow Motion Control Drone
    Special Price £18.00 was £25.00
  6. Unbreakable Drone - Grey Background
    11% Off sale
    Unbreakable Drone
    Special Price £40.00 was £45.00

Buzz around the garden or the park. Piloting our remote control drones is like flying a kite, just with massively updated technology. You can try out one of our Pocket Selfie Drones and take selfies that don’t make you look like the back of a spoon. Or have a floating light above an outdoor dinner with our RED5 Colour Pulsing Asteroid. Enjoy seeing the world from a different angle, but still keeping your feet on the ground? With the X4 FPV Mini Quadcopter you can see a live video feed from the front of the drone. Not just great for professional surveyors, fun to take a look at your own city, and find patterns in how it was built. Or just use it to annoy your friends by buzzing over their picnics.