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  • SmartHalo – navigation and security in one neat package
  • Simple to read interface for ease of use
  • No buttons – works by proximity
  • Connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Designed to be permanently attached to your bike
  • Monitors your mileage, calories burned, speed and more to maximise your riding experience
  • Automatic night-light function
  • Water resistant (though maybe don't take it in the bath) 
  • Impressive anti-burglar alarm for added peace of mind
  • Works with iPhone 4S and up with IOS 9 or higher, and Android phones with BLE and Android 4.4 and up
  • Measures approx. 2cm x 6cm x 9cm
SmartHalo - Turn any bike into a smart bike Smarthalo1 SmartHalo2 SmartHalo3 SmartHalo4 SmartHalo5
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Cycling in cities has boomed in popularity, as awareness of the environment continues to grow and cities continue to grow more crowded. As it does, cyclists are more and more aware of the difficulties that navigating busy streets can pose. But help is at hand – or rather, help is on your handlebar, thanks to the amazing SmartHalo.

This device has a host of features that makes it the perfect accessory for the modern cyclist. Designed to never be removed from your bike, and connecting to your smartphone via Bluetooth with ease, the SmartHalo’s incredibly simple to understand visual interface – the halo of light on its black circular surface – works to help you navigate twists and turns with ease, the app working whilst your phone is in your pocket or bag. Different segments of the halo will light up for different directions - the left side for a left turn, the right for a right and so on. You can even choose between compass navigation which will always point to your destination and let you figure out the exact route, or turn-by-turn which will give you sat-nav style instructions.

Not only does the SmartHalo direct you in a simple, intuitive way, it also monitors your distance, speed, number of calories burned… all without needing to be prompted or set. You can also set yourself goals and targets which are then displayed on the easy to read halo, helping you to push yourself to the limit whenever you feel the need, and dial it back on your rest days. 

Better yet, the SmartHalo has other built-in features that work automatically, without you needing to so much as press a button. The PA feature alerts you when someone is calling you, meaning that you’ll never miss an important call. There’s an automatic night-light feature to brighten your road without you having to worry about it – in the dark the SmartHalo light magically switches on and off depending on where you are in proximity to it. The SmartHalo can even withstand the height of British summer, being fully water resistant - though we wouldn't recommend having a bath with it, and the battery will suffer in temperatures below -10° (but then so will you). 

For those of you worried about the SmartHalo or your bike being pilfered, fear not! The SmartHalo cannot be removed once attached save by use of a special key that comes with the device, and if anyone tries to take your bike SmartHalo knows and proceeds to blare out a shrill burglar alarm, warning off the thief and alerting nearby individuals that something’s amiss. The alarm is turned off as soon as your phone comes within range and connects by Bluetooth, and if your phone battery is dead you can tap in a unique code to unlock it. All this technology doesn't come at the expense of battery life either; due to its simple LED display the SmartHalo will last up to three weeks of average use (but less if you're a proper mile muncher!).

The SmartHalo is the perfect accessory for the modern urban cyclist, with a host of features designed to make your life that bit simpler and easier under a wide variety of circumstances.