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Stress Balls Stress Relief Toy

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  • Relaxation aid stress ball for the palm of your hand
  • Shaped like the "crown jewels" - take out your stresses
  • Ideal for hen parties, stag dos or as an office gift
  • Crazy squishy texture - the quintessential executive toy!
  • Measures H11cm x W14.3cm x D4.5cm
Stress Balls Stress Relief Toy
Stress Balls Stress Relief Toy Stress Balls Stress Relief Toy 1 Stress Balls Stress Relief Toy 2
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if you feel the world has you by the short and curlies sometimes, then don't succumb to stress! Just let it go by squeezing this stress ball in the shape of well "Balls" of the human biological kind. Perfect for when the office or home environment is driving you nuts, make this set of crown jewels suffer for all the stuff you have to take from the boss or all the stupid things the other half and kids do – or even the idiot that cut you up during the rush hour this morning! 

This handy round squidgy shape can be held under the board room table as you squeeze away when being allocated tasks you know aren't in your job description.Or take a break from grappling with that tricky spreadsheet and give him a squeeze and he’ll ease you in times of stress! Much better for you than heading for a cigarette break and less revolting than chewing your nails. 

Ideal for the desk at work or in the office. Squeeze them, prod them, crush them - do whatever it takes, but we promise, by the time you're finished, you'll have forgotten what had put you in such a rage in the first place!