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Rude Ted 24" Talking Plush Toy (X-Rated)

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  • X-Rated 24" Ted talking plush toy based on the character
  • Bear shouts out offensive phrases and lines from the movie 'Ted'
  • Press Ted's paw to bring him to life and listen to him talk
  • Soft fur makes Ted squeezable, but don't be fooled by his loveable exterior
  • Requires 3 x AA batteries (included)
Ted 24" Talking Plush Toy (X-Rated)
Ted 24" Talking Plush Toy (X-Rated) Ted 24" Talking Plush Toy X-rated Version 1 Ted 24" Talking Plush Toy 2 Ted 24" Talking Plush Toy 3
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Not for sale to persons under the age of 18. By placing an order for this product, you declare that you are 18 years of age or over. This item must be used responsibly and appropriately.

Introducing X-Rated Ted!  That's right, this is the foul mouthed teddy bear version that "looks like something you give your kid when you tell them grandma died". Actually, keep this one well away from your granny and anyone else who offends easily, because Ted isn't just any old bear; he's got an attitude and potty mouth that will leave your friends in shock (and stitches) when they hear some of the things he comes out with..  

Ted is the eponymous, not-so-loveable soft toy from the buddy movie "Ted" starring Seth MacFarlane. It tells the story of a boy and his favourite teddy bear, which sounds sweet, except boys and teddies grow-up. And boy, does he come out with some corkers!

Phrases include:-

  • Yeah, I mean, y-you know when you sewed me up you put some of the stuffing in the wrong places so I´m - I´m a little [email protected]!#ed up, but will you take care of me for ever and ever?... Aha! I´m just kidding you! I thought it´d be funny if you thought I was [email protected]!#ing retarded.´
  • ´You ever hear a Boston girl have an orgasm? ´Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Harder! Harder! Oh, God, that was so good! Now I´m gonna stuff my [email protected]!#in´ face with Pepperidge Farm.´´
  • ´Well you never should´ve trusted me. I´m on drugs!´
  • ´Alright c´mon, let´s sing the Thunder Song. When you hear the sound of thunder, don´t you get too scared. Just grab your Thunder Buddy and say these magic words: [email protected]!# you, Thunder! You can suck my [email protected]!#. You can´t get me, Thunder, ´cause you´re just God´s farts (makes fart noise).´
  • ´Oh [email protected]!# that. It´s been 4 years, Johnny! You and me have been together for 27 years. Where´s my ring, huh? Where´s my ring, @!#hole? Where´s my ring, mother [email protected]!#er? Put it on my fuzzy finger, you [email protected]!#! C´mon!´

Definitely suitable for ages 18+ only!

N.B Ted 24" does not feature a moving mouth.