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Toilet Caution Cone

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  • Novelty warning traffic cone for the toilet and bathroom
  • Measures approx 10 cm x 18 cm x 10 cm
  • For toilet users of all ages, all diets, all genders!
  • Comes in bright 'danger' colour of orange/red
Toilet Caution Cone
Toilet Caution Cone Toilet Caution Cone Toilet Caution Cone 1 Toilet Caution Cone
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NO home should be without one of these. Especially when family members have a penchant for the local curry house!   Whenever someone vacates the loo after a long occupancy, just position this little cone outside. The Caution Cone comes with the warning "DANGER! TOXIC GASES...GIVE IT 10 MINUTES" which literally speaks for itself! Need we say more!

Particularly relevant for homes with just one toilet, the contamination zone will be given enough clearance for the required amount of time for the fall-out to disspate! Other household members will be saved the trauma of witnessing someone else's floater or inhaling poo fumes! Ugghhh!