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Top Ten Gifts For Men

Men may seem like pretty straightforward creatures… until you have to shop for one. Then you start to realise that men, or their interests, are more diverse than the cast of The Expendables. So, if you’re getting more confused than a toddler in a calculus class trying to decide on the perfect gift, make like winter weather and chill out. We have a list of awesome gift ideas for men that’ll put your mind at ease!

Here are 10 presents for men that are bound to impress (and, just like a man’s sock drawer, there’s no particular order). Enjoy!

1. Slush Puppie Machine

Official Slush Puppie Machine as a top ten gift for men

When a man likes something, he’ll travel miles to get it. But, if he only has to travel as far as the kitchen, even better! So, if you give a man the ability to make deliciously tasty Slush Puppies right at home, you’re going to join sports on the list of the most awesome things ever.

This Slush Puppie machine works just like the ones you get at the cinema and the seaside, churning up delicious slush in minutes. It’s powered by a UK mains plug and is easy to clean, so those slushies can keep on rolling.

There are loads of flavours of Slush Puppie Syrups to choose from, and you can even get Slush Puppie paper cups and straws for the authentic experience.

2. Globe Decanter Set

Globe Decanter set on a wooden surface featured as one of the top gifts for men

Some men prefer a scotch to a slushie. No problem. It’s just as easy to impress a scotch drinker, and all you need is this Globe Decanter Set!

Poised on a crescent-shaped stand and decorated with map-style markings, this decanter looks just like a classic spinning globe. And, while a few drinks can make the world feel like it’s spinning, this decanter’s stand actually allows for it! As far as gifts for him go, this one’s full of spirit..

3. Deadpool Cable Guy

Official Deadpool Cable Guy on a grey background featured as one of the top ten gifts for men

We’ll admit it, man caves can get more jumbled than the plot of a Tarantino movie. But, don’t ever suggest tidying it. Instead, just give a guy a way to elevate the important things (like phones and console controllers) out of the muddle. That’s what this Deadpool Cable Guy is for.

Designed to look just like the merc with a mouth, this figure is a perfectly-shaped holder for PS4 and Xbox controllers as well as smartphones. And, it comes with a cable (not the red-eyed, time-travelling grandpa) that fits both micro USB ports and Apple Lightning, allowing devices to charge while they’re in Mr Pool’s figuratively sticky hands.

4. Haynes V8 Engine

DIY Haynes V8 Engine set is built up and sat on a light grey background as one of the best gifts for men

Do you know a man that’s a bit of a piston-head? (Do you know a man that’s not?) Well then, giving the Haynes V8 Engine as a gift is a 4-stroke of genius!

This is a fully-functioning model of a powerful V8 engine that any man can build (even the ones that are scared of grease). It has clear casing, letting the workings stand out as they, you know, work. It also has illuminating spark plugs and real engine sounds. But, so that it’s not a fire hazard, this model engine runs off 2 AA batteries, not petrol.

5. Snakes and Bladdered Drinking Game

Snakes and Bladdered drinking game with branded shot glasses is one of the best gifts for men

So, drinking games don’t usually go down very well with lads, do they? Oh, wait, they do. And as drinking games go, this one snakes the cake. Sorry.

Snakes and Bladdered is just like snakes and ladders. But, with booze. Let’s just say, landing on a snake is not the worst of your worries in this game. Not with shooters and truth or dare challenges on the line.

6. Barber Shop Shaving Set – Black

Classic Barber Shop Shaving Set in Black is featured as one of the top ten gifts for him

A barber shave is an awesome experience for a chap. Sitting there while someone else holds a blade to your face, feeling like you’re about to end up on the Godfather’s hit list… there’s nothing like it. If you could put that feeling in a box, it would be this Barber Shop Shaving Kit!

This kit comes with a stylish razor that takes Gillette Mach 3 blades, a shaving brush made of badger hair, and a chrome soap dish. It all fits neatly onto a chrome stand, bringing that brilliant barbershop feeling to any bathroom.

7. Hulk Fist 3D Deco Light

Official Marvel 3D Hulk Fist Light bursts through a wall in this top ten for him gift guide

So, you’re looking for a present that packs a punch? Your manhunt for gifts has turned you into a real sc-Avenger? Well, this Hulk Fist 3D Deco Light will smash it!

Made to look just like the Hulk’s fist smashing through a wall, this light is powered by LEDs, so it stays cooler than Bruce Banner wishes he could. It’s also battery-powered (using 3 x AA batteries), meaning that it can be placed anywhere without wires getting in the way.

8. Hugo Boss Orange Copenhagen

Cool grey Hugo Boss Orange Copenhagen Watch on a grey background is one of our best gifts for men

Maybe you want to give a gift that creates effortless sophistication in the recipient. Maybe you just want a clever way to say, “I’m watching you.” Either way, you can’t go wrong with the Hugo Boss Orange Copenhagen watch.

This watch looks amazing, tells the time perfectly thanks to its Japanese Quartz movement, and even has a 50-metre water resistance. Plus, did we mention that it looks amazing? Well, it does.

9. Peaky Cap Wash Bag

Peaky Tweed Wash Cap sat on a wooden bench in a changing room is one of our best gifts for him

Do you know a chap that’s razor-sharp, yet still dreams of cleaning up? Well then, this Peaky Cap wash bag is ready to be the kingpin of gifts for men.

Looking at it, you’d swear it was an ordinary flat cap. But, when you undo the zips around its base, it opens up to hold all your toiletries better than, say, a gang of young men could hold power of the streets.

10. Beer Making Kit

Brewdog Punk IPA Beer Making Kit on a soft grey background is the perfect gift for him

It might be hard to get a man into the kitchen to cook dinner. But, getting a man into the kitchen to brew beer? Well, that’s a different story!

This Beer Making Kit contains everything necessary to brew a mean batch of Indian pale ale. We’re talking things like glass fermenters, airlocks, thermometers, and loads more. And, of course, it comes with malted barley, hops, and yeast! This kit makes about 7 pints of punk IPA so, provided you give it to someone over 18 and old enough to use it, this gift will make a man so hoppy he’ll barley be able to contain himself!

Presents for Men, Made Easy

Even though there are more varieties of men than there are explosions in an action movie, you’re bound to find something perfect in these 10 gifts for him. But, if nothing really jumped out at you, never fear. Our catalogue at MenKind is absolutely loaded with amazing gifts for men!

So, visit our pages, get your gifting done, and then spend all your newfound free time wondering if the cast of The Expendables was really the most diverse thing we could think of…

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