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1001 Ridiculous Ways to Die

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  • Compendium of some of the most ludicrous demises ever recorded
  • Includes the one about the artist being crushed by his own sculpture
  • Unbelievable stories of incredulous ways of "checking out"
  • An excellent read for those with a macbre sense of humour
  • Compiled by David Southwell; in paperback 320 pages
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It was once said that there were two things in the world that couldn't be avoided - death and taxes! And whilst dying is a serious business, this is a seriously funny book listing some of the most incredulous ways some people have shuffled off this mortal coil!

This book features a variety of tales such as; the woman who drank herself to death with water trying to win a games console by holding in her wee; the mechanic who blew himself up while trying to open a rocket-propelled grenade with a sledgehammer; a lottery winner killed by the gates of his new luxury home ; a woman felled forever by a fatal falling lettuce. Death may seem like a serious business, but this is a seriously funny book.