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2-in-1 Globe Earth by Day and Night

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  • 2 in 1 Globe shows traditional map and light map
  • LED lights show city lights as seen from space
  • Day mode is traditional globe
  • Educational, stylish and fun
  • Measures approx. 23cm
2-in-1 Globe Earth by Day and Night 2
2-in-1 Globe Earth by Day and Night 2 2-in-1 Globe Earth by Day and Night 1 2-in-1 Globe Earth by Day and Night 3 2-in-1 Globe Earth by Day and Night 4
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Everybody loves a globe, right? There’s something really quite satisfying about lazily spinning it around, gazing longingly at all the magical places you’ve been to and hope to one day visit. Or alternatively poring over all the countries you never even knew existed and trying to work out how on earth (geddit?) you pronounce some of their names.

This 2 in 1 Globe is, at first glance, just a very nice globe, with countries, continents, rivers and seas. But as the day wears on and darkness draws in it reveals something amazing. An advanced light sensor detects when ambient levels drop beyond a certain level and automatically turn on an LED illumination system which shows the earth as it would look from space at night - a beautiful, mesmerising map of city lights. The lights even cycle through colours, just in case you get bored. As well as looking super cool it also provides a genuinely interesting insight to where the earth’s population is based. And it’s all housed on a sturdy and stylish silver base.

The 2 in 1 Globe is powered by batteries and can be turned off manually to conserve power. It can also use a separate power adapter (not included). It’s a wonderful combination of a fun learning tool and a great feature for the bedroom, living room or study.