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3-In-1 Camera Clip Lens

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  • 3-In-1 Lens for Smartphones
  • Universal Clip Lens designed for iPhone, HTC and Samsung phones
  • Perfect for filming – budding movie-makers delight!
  • Ideal for photography - broaden your horizons
  • Macro, Wide-Angle and Fisheye lenses grant maximum flexibility
  • Clip measures 6cm long approx.
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The refrain “it’s amazing what you can do on your phone” is getting overused these days, given the sheer number of things you can actually do on a modern smartphone. In a day and age where complete movies and exhibitions can be shot on an iPhone, it seems ridiculous not to take advantage of the way technology is moving ahead and to arm yourself for film-making and photography in the 21st Century.

That being the case, this 3-In-1 Camera Clip Lens is exactly what the budding film-makers and photographers of tomorrow need. The lens clips on to your phone right above the camera, immediately altering the way your camera looks at the world. The three lenses easily screw off and on to the frame, allowing for quick and easy versatility, and each one brings unique qualities to the table. The Macro lens allows you to shoot stunning close-up details that really bring your photos and videos to life. The Wide-Angle lens increase the field of vision for your phone, allowing you to take in more of the world. Finally, the Fisheye lens allows you to capture pictures at a 180° angle, letting you capture the world from a truly unique perspective (you'll  notice some pretty extreme vignetting with this lens; don't worry, that's a normal side effect of the fisheye lens).   

The best part is that this lens precludes the need to buy an expensive video camera – for rough-and-ready film-making that looks cinematic, all you need to do is clip this lens over your phone’s camera. The Universal Clip Lens design is built to work with iPhone, HTC and Samsung smartphones (we've tried it on a few here in the office, and not found any that won't fit), but can also be used for iPads, other tablets and even laptops. It’s pocket-sized and comes with a soft little bag for maximum portability, making it the perfect tool to use in amateur and even professional film-making. Get recording!