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4D Batman Anatomy Figure

In stock
  • Official licensed Batman merchandise
  • Fun stylised figurine of the Caped Crusader, with a twist
  • Get under the Dark Knight’s skin, literally!
  • 37-piece rendering of Batman's organs and skeleton
  • Measures approx. 26cm x 12cm x 8cm
4D Batman Anatomy Figure 3
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Comic book fans know that the villains of Gotham city like to try their hands at getting under Batman’s skin (figuratively and literally). The Joker’s tried to do it, the Scarecrow’s tried to do it, and Hush even managed to copy the big bad Bat’s look entirely, but nobody’s quite succeeded… until now.

This awesome 4D Batman Anatomy figure is as close as you’ll ever get to being under the skin of the Caped Crusader. Half of this incredible 12cm tall figurine is a fun, stylised model of the Dark Knight himself, with his utility belt, grey body armour suit and black cowl, boots and cape all present and correct.

The other half of his body, however, is transparent, revealing the amazing 37-piece stylised anatomy model in all its glory: bones and organs all in their rightful places. It’s incredible fun to disassemble and reassemble in layers, and makes for an awesome display piece, perfect for any comic fan or biology major.