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7 Minutes to Fit

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  • Quick, easy and effective exercises
  • High intensity interval training
  • 50 fat burning, 30 second exercises
  • No equipment needed – just you and a timer
  • 10 arm, 10 leg, 10 core and 20 full body exercises
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Most of us think that a good workout will require a trip to the gym, with all their fancy, expensive equipment and the use of their highly trained staff but that is a common misconception - your body is the best tool for you to exercise with.

The 7 Minutes to Fit guide will show you how to do High Intensity Interval Training in your own home with no equipment other than a chair, a timer and your body. Written by an award winning Personal Trainer who has spent his time training Olympians, this book is perfect for those of us who just cannot find the time to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Set out in a simple format, the guide provides an illustrated glossary of each of the 50 exercises with a description of how to perfect the movement and what muscle group it will use (upper body, lower body, core and full body). Once you have nailed all the movements, you can move on to the routines and really get the heart racing and fat burning! Using the High Intensity Interval Training program, you will perform the exercise for 30 seconds, have a 10 second rest then move onto the next exercise and so on for just seven minutes. This technique will improve your cardiovascular fitness, increase the number of fat burning enzymes and drastically increase the level of ‘feel good’ neurotransmitters.