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Adult Saucy Charades

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  • The hilarious raunchy version of the classic party game
  • Each mime may seem innocent, but they are innuendo packed!
  • Mimes include "stuffing a turkey" and "sliding down a fireman's pole"
  • Ideal dinner party game to keep your guests entertained
  • Not a game to play with your granny!
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Normal charades can often become quite plain and dull, simply having to act out a movie, tv show or musical, it can be pretty monotonous, so why not make things a bit more raunchy with this game of Saucy Charades.

This game of Saucy Charades spices things up and lets you push the boundaries of all things rude! Everyone will be in stitches as you try to act out suggestive mimes such as "stuffing a turkey" and "sliding down a fireman's pole". People may look at you in quite a strange way if you don't get it completely right, but they will be laughing their heads off at you trying to attempt some of the saucy mimes. Each charade could seem fairly ordinary on paper, but this game of double entendre's and innuendo's will make an ordinary mime look very rude!

  • 2 packs of Saucy Charades cards
  • Dot-to-dot score pad
  • Timer
  • Pencils
  • Rules
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