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Alcohol Shotgun

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  • The Alcohol Shotgun is an alcohol dispenser shaped like a water pistol
  • Fill the cartridge, aim and pull the trigger straight into someone's mouth
  • Ideal for stag weekends, boys nights out, anytime when no one is driving
  • Serves 41ml (1 ½ oz) of any booze of your choice
  • Dimensions: Approximately 25 cm x 12 cm x 6 cm
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This will definitely get the party started! You've heard of drinking shots, well this alcohol dispenser takes drinking games to a whole new level with this high speed spirit delivery system. Instead of knocking back the shots yourself, get someone else take aim and shoot with this Alcohol Shotgun.

As the name suggests, this piece of barware is shaped like a shot-gun and shoots just the right amount of ammunition er... liquid directly into your mouth! This is a shot that literally goes straight to the head! Simply fill the cartridge with the booze of your choice - vodka, whiskey, gin - any spirit really and shoot for an intense booze experience.

Ideal for stag and hen nights, parties, boys nights in or out - any time when no one needs to drive. The Alcohol Shot gun can be filled with up to 41ml (1 ½ oz) with the tipple of your choice and then shot at high speed into the drinker's mouth.

Half the fun is catching as much as you can, so it may get messy.