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AlcoSense Elite Breathalyser

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  • Elite breathalyser Won Best Breathalyser under £100 in What Car 2013
  • Shows level of intoxication in % of BAC in increments of 0.01%
  • Alerts you when you are close to or over the drink drive limit. 
  • Dimensions: Height: 105mm x Width: 45mm x Depth: 25mm
  • Fits into trouser pocket or handbag Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
AlcoSense Elite Breathalyser
AlcoSense Elite Breathalyser AlcoSense Elite Breathalyser
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No one wants to risk their licence on that extra half pint, so make sure you're under the limit with the AlcoSense Elite Pocket Breathalyser. Quick and easy to use, this breathalyser measures your level of intoxication in either micro-grams per litre of blood or % BAC (percent of blood alcohol content) and shows your reading in increments of 0.01. It will even alert you when you are near or over the drink drive limit! Winner of Best Breathalyser under £100 in What Car 2013, it is accurate, consistent, lightweight and easy to use. It also automatically cleans after each blow test which  helps to keep the sensor in top condition and reading at its most accurate. Without cleaning moisture, oxidisation and contaminants such as tannin can build up, significantly affecting the quality of readings. With AlcoSense™ Elite's automatic sensor clean after every blow test the unit will continue to perform at its best throughout its lifetime.

To activate the breathalyser all you do is slide the AlcoSense™ open. Once open it prepares the sensor and the screen will show a count down from 19 to 0, then it will display Blow. When it says blow, blow through the tube for approximately 5 seconds until it beeps. The Elite AlcoSense Elite uses a revolutionary in built air flow sensor meaning that you can't blow too hard or too softly into the unit. If you blow too hard or too soft you can falsely make other breathalysers read too high or too low respectfully. If you don’t blow at the correct pressure the AlcoSense Elite will display Error on the screen and allow you to re-take the test.


Please note: Menkind and Alcosense does not accept responsibility for any driving convictions incurred whilst driving under the influence of alcohol.