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Awesome Foursome Novelty Golf Balls

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  • Novelty trick golf balls - great jokesy gift for the serious golfer
  • Pack includes the Floater, Jetstreamer, Exploader and Unputtaball
  • Unputtable is impossible to putt - it jumps, skids and gyrates
  • Exploder disappears into a cloud of smoke when hit
  • Jetstreamer ejects a streaming ribbon on impact
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A round of golf can be a serious business so these novelty golf balls are ideal for golfers, particularly if they like playing pranks on their golfing friends. Just be sure not to be expelled from your club after these shenanigans.

Pack includes four joke Golf Balls:

  • Unputtaball: It jumps, skids and gyrates when putted. Will confound the most determined golfer
  • Exploder: Vanishes into a cloud of smoke upon impact. Will leave your golfing buddy somewhat bemused
  • Jetstreamer: Ejects a stream of spirallng ribbon on impact. A must for any golfing prankster.
  • Floater: Literally will float. Send your partner into the drink to drive off that!