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Badass Skull

In stock
  • Badass Skull ornament – morbid display piece
  • Facial hair, hat and sunglasses detailing gives this skull extra character
  • Perfect for putting on a shelf at home to really scare your enemies… or, you know, not
  • Goes without saying that it isn’t a real skull
  • Measures approx. 13cm x 12cm x 14cm
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You know, back in the good old days people used to decorate their homes with real skulls, of the people who they had defeated. Warlords, enemies, political rivals… of course, these days it’s not really the done thing to display a real skull, so this Badass Skull will have to do.

Complete with sunglasses, hat and facial hair to give it a bit of character (do you hear knocking?), this Badass Skull is precisely that – one hundred percent bonafide badassery cast in solid resin to make it kick extra heiney. If you want something that’s going to make your house look that much cooler (or your office desk, if you’re really daring), there’s little more ruggedly, morbidly awesome as a Badass Skull.