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Beachworld Glass Egg with Gorgonia Ecosystem

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  • 16cm tall sphere containing Gorgonia branch and living shrimp
  • No need for upkeep; this egg shaped sphere is complete self-contained
  • Made using the same technology created and tested by NASA scientists
  • Sphere contains: Gorgonian branch, white sand, shells and shrimp
  • Please note: This product needs to be opened immediately on arrival
Beachworld Glass Egg with Gorgonia Ecosystem
Beachworld Glass Egg with Gorgonia Ecosystem Beachworld Glass Egg with Gorgonia Ecosystem1
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There are few things so beautiful as a living, breathing coral reef and now you can have one in your own home or office with the stunning Beachworld Glass Egg with Gorgonia Ecosystem.

This egg shaped sphere contains a Gorgonia branch, shrimp, white sand and shells which give it a beautiful appearance as well as being a fantastic piece of technology and science. This sphere is modelled on the original ecosystem tested by NASA in space, and shows plants and animals living in perfect balance.

You’ll never need to feed the shrimp or change the water in this biosphere as it’s completely self-contained. Simply make sure the egg gets 6-8 hours of artificial light or sunlight a day and keep it in temperatures between 16°-26° C. The sunlight cause micro-algae in the egg to produce oxygen to keep the shrimps alive, and the shrimps in turn produce nutrients and carbon dioxide that help the algae grow.

This would be a marvellous statement piece for any home, especially one owned by any deep-sea lover or someone interested in eco-sustainability.

Please note: This package needs to be opened immediately upon delivery as the ecosystem cannot survive for sustained periods without sunlight. The shrimps may seem still upon arrival but that is due to the cold conditions inside the box.