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Bike Phone Holder

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  • Clamp your phone to your handlebars for easy access
  • Safe and stylish way to attach your phone
  • Fits virtually any bike and any phone
  • Sturdy plastic construction with rubber phone grips
  • Measures approx. 120 mm x 60 mm x 88 mm
Bike Phone Holder 1
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When you’re pedalling your way to an epic century (metric or imperial, we’re impressed either way) or just taking the scenic route home after work there’s only one thing worse than having to stop every 500 yards to pull out your phone and check you’re on the right track, and that’s going the wrong way because you didn’t want to stop. But unless you’re able to ride no-handed while you log into Google Maps and check where you are that’s exactly what you’ll have to do.

Until now, that is, with this super cunning Phone Holder designed specifically for your bike. Tighten it onto your handlebars with the handy thumbscrew, clamp your phone into the reassuringly sturdy jaws of the clamp, make some fine adjustments with the ball-and-socket joint and boom! You’re ready to go wherever the fancy (or route you’ve painstakingly plotted) may take you.

The Phone Holder’s clever design means it will fit virtually any bike or phone – it includes rubber inserts for different handlebar standards and the wide jaws of the clamp will grip even the biggest of smartphones. It even has soft rubber pads on the jaws to make sure that your phone is well protected as well as safe and secure.

So cast away any thoughts of gaffer tape and cable ties and attach your phone to your bike with safety, security and style with the awesome Bike Phone Holder!