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The 10 Best Toys for Kids this Christmas 2020

19 Nov 2020

Top toys for kids christmas

Santa may have the North Pole covered, but we have the best toys in the UK. Check out our list of the top 10 toys for kids this Christmas!

10 Great Toys for Christmas 2020

Christmas is all about family, being kind to one another, and eating way too much dinner. But, what would it be without toys? All the elves would have to resort to mending shoes or rescuing hobbits.

Point is, if you’re after some truly awesome toys this Christmas, this list of 10 top toys is where you want to be!

10. Ugears U-9 Grand Prix Car Wooden Model Kit

Wooden Grand Prix Car Construction Kit

Wooden Model Grand Prix Car

This Wooden Model Grand Prix Car kit lets you build a vintage racing car out of press-out wooden pieces. You don’t need any glue or tools to build it, and it even runs once it’s built, driving forwards and backwards using its wind-up engine!

9. Electronic Arcade Basketball

electronic arcade basketball game 2 players

Electronic Arcade Basketball

Just like the basketball games that you find in the arcade, this Electronic Arcade Basketball game delivers exciting action and energetic sound effects at home. With a two-player setup, friends can compete to shoot the most hoops and hit that high score.

8. Table Top Pool

Table Top Pool

Table Top Pool Table

Pool fans don’t exactly have it easy when it comes to enjoying their hobby at home. Pool tables ordinarily take up more space than the man-spreader on the bus. But, this Table Top Pool Table fits on your dining room or coffee table, giving you a chance to play scaled-down pool any time. It comes with cues, balls, and even chalk!

7. Stealth Crossbow Combo Set

Stealth Crossbow Combo Set

Stealth Crossbow Combo Set

Hawkeye fans will absolutely love the Stealth Crossbow Combo Set. It includes a powerful crossbow with a metal bow spring, a target, and 6 safe suction darts. It’s great fun for ages 14+.

6. Air Power Engine Car Kit

air power car kit

Air Power Engine Car Kit

A car powered by nothing but air? Yep, that’s not the stuff of science fiction… that’s the Air Power Engine Car Kit! Build this car from kit form and then watch as it hits high speeds powered by just fresh air. It’s great STEM play for ages 10 and up.


5. Football-Themed Table Air Hockey

football themed table top air hockey

Football-themed Air Hockey set

This football-themed Air Hockey set lets you play air hockey just like at the arcades, but on a smaller scale. And, it brings a footie vibe into the game with its football-themed puck and goals.

Being battery powered, you can play it on any flat surface you like. It comes with 1 puck, 2 pushers, and 2 goals.

4. Space Coaster

space coaster marble track

Space Coaster

The Space Coaster is another build-it-yourself kit that’s loads of fun to construct and to play with. Design the track to send the marbles on all sorts of twists and turns, and use the motorised lift to keep them rolling!

3. Hydraulic Robot Arm

hydraulic robot arm

Hydraulic Robot Arm

Expect to have all kinds of fun with the Hydraulic Robot Arm. For starters, this arm comes in kit form, so you get to feel like a genius engineer as you piece it together. Don’t worry, it comes with easy to follow illustrated instructions.

Then, once it’s built, you get to operate it using the levers, controlling the arm across 6 axes. And, being hydraulically powered, you don’t need any batteries!

2. Air Shot – Only at Menkind!

air shot shooting game

Air Shot

The Air Shot is fantastic fun, and is great for improving hand-eye co-ordination. Basically, this machine levitates five polystyrene balls in mid-air, letting you take pot shots at them with the included foam dart blasters! Plus, it comes with glow in the dark stickers so you can play at night.

1. Sharper Image Electronic Laser Tag Set – Only at Menkind!

Laser Tag Shooting Game

Electronic Laser Tag Set

Play arcade style laser tag at home, in the park, or wherever you like with this Electronic Laser Tag Set. Being battery powered, this set is completely portable. But, it gives you the full arcade feel wherever you are, with lights, sounds, and even vibrations! 

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