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Hydraulic Robot Arm

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  • Build your own Robot Arm from scratch
  • Powered by hydraulic power – not batteries
  • 6 axis of movement controlled by levers
  • Illustrated instructions included
  • 229 plastic pieces to fit together
Hydraulic Robot Arm 1
Hydraulic Robot Arm 1 Hydraulic Robot Arm 2 Hydraulic Robot Arm
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If you are looking for a new project to keep you busy during a rainy afternoon then the Hydraulic Robot Arm is the perfect thing. With this incredible DIY set, you get to build yourself a cool robot from scratch and take a closer look at just how hydraulic power works.

Included in the set are 229 pieces that have been precisely designed for the robots arm. Only a few household tools are needed to create this mechanical masterpiece but not a single battery is needed. Instead of using electricity, the Hydraulic Robot Arm utilizes the power of hydraulic energy so all you will need to add to get this baby moving is half a cup of water. You get to control all of the 6 axis of movements with the levers that include all of this.

  • Gripper opening – 4.8cm
  • Wrist rotation – 180
  • Wrist mobility – 98
  • Elbow range – 44
  • Base rotation – 270
  • Shoulder motion – 45
  • Vertical reach – 42cm
  • Horizontal reach -  32cm
  • Lifting capacity – 50g

Once you have completed the design, you can test out your skills, moving objects around and enjoying the precise movements that you have created. If you are looking for an extra challenge then switch the gripper for the suction cup!