All The Upcoming Star Wars Movies And TV Shows Revealed

All The Upcoming Star Wars Movies And TV Shows Revealed

The Rise of Skywalker wasn’t the end of Star Wars. There are loads of exciting movies and shows in the works. And we’ve got the details right here!

Heads up: millions of spoilers just cried out!

What are upcoming Star Wars releases?

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker brought to a close the main story arc that started back when a young padawan named Obi Wan and his master crash landed on Tattooine and met a teeny tot by the name of Anakin.

But, between that encounter and Kylo Ren’s redemption, we learned that the Star Wars universe has more sub-plots and side stories than Han Solo has debt.

After all, we’ve had prequels and spin-offs in the form of movies, cartoons, and live action TV shows. And, they’re all getting more and more awesome (we’re looking at you, the Mandalorian), meaning that Star Wars is far from breathing out its last Vader-like wheezy breaths.

So, what does the future hold? Well, during Disney’s Investor Day last December, Kathleen Kennedy, the president of Lucasflim, gave us a tantalising taste of what to expect. Here’s what she teased.

Rogue Squadron Movie

Patty Jenkins:

— Patty Jenkins (@PattyJenks) December 10, 2020

Rogue Squadron is kind of a passion project for Patty Jenkins, director of the Wonder Woman franchise. Her dad was a fighter pilot who, sadly, died in service. But, she grew up in awe of him and, as a result, always wanted to create an awesome fighter pilot movie. But, she couldn’t find the right story.

Turns out, she wasn’t looking high enough. Instead of basing it in the skies over Earth, she’s telling a story about space fighters in that galaxy far, far away. It’s about a group of young pilots looking to earn their wings... and some respect, we’re just guessing.

A movie focussed entirely on Starfighters does promise a whole lot of high-octane, white-knuckle intensity and hopefully a deeper understanding of what it’s like to fly an X-wing in a space battle. We’re hoping for Top Gun in space.

Star Wars Rogue Squadron releases December 2023.

Star Wars Movie by Taika Waititi


Having directed an episode of the Mandalorian, Taika Waititi has already shown us how he can bring his unique sense of humour into the Star Wars universe seamlessly. Call it an aced job interview (unlike ours, which always end in pit-sweat and panic beatboxing).

Point is, Taika Waititi will be returning to the director’s chair for a yet untitled full-length feature. We’re hoping to see some of the hilarity we got in Thor Ragnarok. But, we’re not expecting an all-out laugh fest. That’s because it’s going to be co-written by Krysty Wilson-Cairns who you might remember from the writer’s credits of 1917 – a movie as intense as, well, one of our job interviews.

Taika Waititi’s Star Wars movie has two possible dates attached, and they’re both as futuristic as the concept of lightspeed: 2025 and 2027.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Disney+ Series

Hayden Christensen returns as Darth Vader, joining Ewan McGregor in OBI-WAN KENOBI. The Original Series begins 10 years after the dramatic events of Revenge of the Sith, and is coming to #DisneyPlus.

— Star Wars (@starwars) December 10, 2020

Fans have long been begging for an Obi-Wan spin-off series. And, at Disney’s D23 expo in 2019, their collective wish was granted. (Does that leave just two more, Disney?).

In Revenge of the Sith, things got more intense than a share-house row where someone ate someone else’s cereal. Anakin threw on the black rubber and got all angry biker and Obi-Wan Kenobi went into the desert of Tattooine to watch over Luke.

We know that Obi-Wan was alone long enough to forget his own name. But, did he ever leave the planet or try to resolve the cereal fight? We get to find out in Obi-Wan Kenobi, which takes place 10 years after that Revenge of the Sith showdown.

We’re not sure how many old friends (and enemies) Obi-Wan will meet in the series, but we do know that Hayden Christensen will be returning as Darth Vader!

Obi-Wan Kenobi is set to debut on Disney+ in 2022.

Ahsoka Series


Seeing Ahsoka Tano make her live-action debut in the Mandalorian was pretty thrilling. And, apparently it sparked some creative thinking at Disney. The result? We’re getting a live action series based on Ahsoka Tano!

It will be connected to the Mandalorian, at least in as far as Rosario Dawson will be reprising her role as Ahsoka. How much further will it tie into the Mandalorian series? We’ll have to wait to find out.

Rangers of the New Republic Series


Another spin-off from the spin-off that is the Mandalorian is Rangers of the New Republic. Just like Ahsoka, this series will be produced by Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni, and will likely intersect with the Mandalorian’s storyline. Or, at least, take place in the same time period.

We don’t know a lot about it, but we do know it’s set up to crossover with major story events and give us what we always expect from a Star Wars story – a massive climax!

Lando Disney+ Series

lando logo upcoming disney+ series

Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm via

Though Solo might have had a mixed reception, Star Wars fans pretty much all enjoyed seeing a young Lando Calrissian. So, it’s great news that we’re getting a series based on his exploits from before the whole Cloud City sellout thing.

Details are as scarce as hairs on C-3PO’s head, but we do know this series will be developed by Justin Simien of Dear White People. Fingers crossed we get to see Donald Glover reprise his role.

Andor Disney+ Series

We’re getting Top Gun is space, so why not a bit of Bond in space? OK, we might not have the tuxedos and one-liners, but Andor promises a gritty, tense spy thriller based on Cassian Andor from Rogue One.

Production for this one is already under way, and we have word that there is a brilliant cast signed on.

Andor is set to release on Disney+ in 2022.

The Acolyte Disney+ Series

star wars the acolyte series logo

Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm via

The Acolyte is another Star Wars series that will venture into thriller territory. But this one is helmed by Leslye Headland, who did the brain-warping, reality-bending series, Russian Doll.

Again details are sparse, but we do know that this series promises to take the audience into the final days of the High Republic era where we’ll get to see a shadow game with dark side stakes play out.

Star Wars Visions Series

star wars visions anime series

Credit: Disney/Lucasfilm via ign

Visions will be a series of animated shorts brought to us by leading Japanese anime studios! Yep, we’re getting a Star Wars version of the Animatrix!

We’ll get to see the Star Wars universe expand based on the visions of these anime greats, which will give us, if any anime ever is enough to go off, epic fight scenes and crazy plot lines. We can’t wait.

A Droid Story


R2-D2 and C-3PO are one of the universe’s all-time great buddy team-ups. And, they’re said to be back in A Droid Story, which is being developed for Disney+.

This series will introduce a new droid hero who will be guided by this legendary pair. And, with Lucasfilm Animation teaming up with Industrial Light & Magic, we’re guessing the visuals will be nothing short of mind-blowing.

Plenty of Star Wars Coming Our Way

So, those are the Star Wars stories on the horizon. Some are being created now while others are just ideas, but they’ll all be amazing for expanding the Star Wars universe… actually, make that galaxy (we had to, just once).

There’s plenty to look forward to. But, if you’re as impatient as we are, at least you can get your hands on some Star Wars stuff right now by checking out our Star Wars merchandise!

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