10 Essentials You Need to Make Your BBQ Party Awesome

10 Essentials You Need to Make Your BBQ Party Awesome

It’s summer in the UK, so time for the barbecues to come out! And, we have everything you need to make your next BBQ as hot as the fire. Check out this list!

Ah, summertime. You know there are some things that are guaranteed to come out. Mosquitoes, cyclists in rush hour, and the good ol’ barbecue!

It doesn’t matter whether it’s super sunny or greyer than the floor at a senior citizen hair salon, you can’t keep us from a good BBQ. And, it just so happens that we have the perfect gifts for men and women that you need to make your good BBQs great!

So, as you start to imagine the smell of that food cooking, take a look at these awesome BBQ essentials!

10 Barbecue Must-Haves

Get set for some sizzle. Here are our hottest suggestions for a (ahem) grilliant BBQ party.

1. Love My Meat BBQ Apron

Love My Meat BBQ Apron

Maybe it’s literal, or maybe you just love an innuendo as saucy as a well-marinaded steak. Either way, this barbecue apron is a whole lot of fun.

With the phrase, ‘You are Gonna Love My Meat’ boldly placed on the lower front of the apron, there’s no doubt that this chef slaps down that meat just right. A lot of the credit, of course, goes to the fact that this apron has pockets for everything needed to cook that meat to perfection.

2. Mini BBQ Ball in Black

Mini BBQ Ball in Black

Planning to take your grilling on the go? Hmmm, if only there was a super cool looking mini BBQ that’s small enough to carry around but big enough for a meal. Oh, wait, there is! It’s the Gusta Mini BBQ Ball.

Just like the classic ball barbecue, only smaller, this super convenient BBQ Ball is great for taking on picnics, camping trips, and more. It has a 30 cm diameter, so you can get a couple of steaks or half a dozen sausages on there.

3. Single Burger Press

Single Burger Press

Do you find shop-bought burgers to be thinner than the hair on Bruce Willis’ head? Sounds like you need a way to control the thickness of your burgers. And, for that, you need this Burger Press!

This handy gadget has an adjustable thickness setting. So, you get to decide exactly how thick and juicy you want your burger, ranging from ¼ lb to ¾ lb. Just pack it with mince or plant-based mince (for a veggie option) and press away.

4. Steak, Ribs, and Wings Rub and Sauce Set

Steak, Ribs, and Wings Rub and Sauce Set

Barbecue meat should never be as bland as a dramatic reading of the dictionary. It needs to be bursting with flavour. And, that’s where this 12-pack Sauce and Rub mix comes in!

This awesome pack is great for flavouring steak, ribs, and wings… or anything else you throw on the BBQ for that matter. The flavours range from zesty to downright fiery, so you can choose the perfect level of heat for your meat.

5. 14-Piece BBQ Tool Set

BBQ Tool Set

They say that good workers don’t blame their tools. But, when was the last time you saw a mechanic trying to remove a spark plug with a pair of salad servers? Good tools make a difference, and we’ve got some great tools here in this BBQ Tool Set.

This set comes with 14 pieces that are perfect for flipping, turning, skewering, and all sorts. It includes a pair of tongs, a fork, a multi-turner, a cleaning brush, two kebab skewers, and eight corn forks. And, it all comes in a great-looking carry case, making it perfect for storage or grilling on the go.

6. iDance Cyclone Speaker 400 in Black

iDance Cyclone Speaker 400 in Black

You’ve got to have some good beats going next to the barbecue. They set the mood and, if turned up loud enough, can drown out the constant, ‘When will it be ready?’ line of questioning.

The Cyclone 400 speaker is the perfect BBQ accompaniment. Not only does it have awesome sound that connects via Bluetooth, it also has a built-in rechargeable battery that gives you up to 8 hours’ play time. Plus, it has an LED wraparound, so you can get some dazzling lightshows if you’re grilling after dark.

7. Slush Puppie Machine

Slush Puppie Machine

Beer is a classic barbecue drink. But, not everyone likes beer, and there are those under 18s to consider. So, what’s a great way to stay cool while the fire gets hot? Slush Puppies!

This Slush Puppie machine lets you make genuine Slush Puppie slushies in your home. Just choose your favourite flavour syrups and you can crank them out all day!

8. Pineapple Ice Bucket

Pineapple Ice Bucket

When the grilling gets going, you want the drinks flowing. But, you want them colder than the greetings at an introverts’ convention. So, you’re going to need some ice. Fortunately, this Pineapple Ice Bucket is a great way to take care of that and bring a summery feel to the BBQ.

This happy looking pineapple houses an insulated ice bucket, so you can fill it with ice to top up your drinks while you’re outside. It’s also great for chopped fruit, iced desserts, and more.

9. Make Your Own Sex on the Beach

Make Your Own Sex on the Beach

If you want your BBQ cocktail names to be as hot as the grill itself, you’ve got to have Sex on the Beach. And, this Make Your Own Sex on the Beach mix is the perfect way to keep from making a dozen trips to the cocktail bar in town.

This bottle comes pre-loaded with the flavouring mix you need. Just add some vodka and mixer and you’re good to go. You’ll have delicious cocktails and the ammunition for an entire party’s worth of cheeky jokes.

10. Beat That!

Beat That!

Every good barbecue needs some fun entertainment. And, we’re not talking about dad falling into the paddling pool again. Although, that’s awesome. But, even better is Beat That! The Bonkers Battle of Wacky Challenges!

This game takes some simple items and creates amazing challenges out of them. You’ll be bouncing, stacking, flipping, rolling, and much more. It’s great fun for ages 9+ and takes up to an hour to play… just about the right time for the food to be cooked!

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These are just 10 ideas to make your next barbecue completely awesome. But, we have loads more on our site. So, for more BBQ ideas you’ll love, check out our full collection.

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