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The 10 Best Home Gift Ideas for Christmas 2020

26 Nov 2020

home gifts mini massage cushion globe decanter

If you’re shopping for someone who loves their home, we’ve got a gift guide that’s exactly what you need. We list our top 10 home gift ideas!

10 Great Home Gifts for This Year

So, you’ve decided that play time is over and this year you want to dazzle the home enthusiast that you know. But, inspiration has gone the way of countless socks in the washing. No problem. This list of home gifts has all the inspiration you need!

Check out our top 10 home and office gifts for this year.

  1. Mini Massage Cushion

mini massage cusion

The Mini Massage Cushion has four pressure points which deliver a rotational massage, kneading away the pressure in your neck, shoulders, arms, legs, and other body parts. It even has an optional heat mode that can really penetrate those aching muscles.

It’s great for relaxing, relieving stress, and helping speed up post workout recovery.

  1. Storm Drop

Storm glass weather predicting drop

You may think that predicting the weather is just for the person making small talk with you in the supermarket queue. But, in fact, this Storm Drop does is so much better.

This clever piece of home décor is filled with a special fluid that reacts to the weather, being able to predict what it’s about to do. Depending on the level of crystallisation in the liquid, you’ll know whether you’re going to need an umbrella that day.

  1. Four Bottle Bar Optic

four bottle rotating bottle stand bar optic

Are you after a gift that’ll really lift someone’s spirits? Then this Four Bottle Bar Optic is the way to go! This drinks dispenser brings the proper bar feel to your kitchen or liquor cabinet thanks to its plunger style nozzles. And, it rotates so you can always get to the exact drink you want.

  1. Newton’s Cradle

newton's cradle desk ornament

Probably one of the most famous desk ornaments ever, the Newton’s Cradle uses physics to swing like the sixties! Stare, hypnotised, as the chrome balls go back and forth, not even giving a thought to all the work that you should be getting done.

With a slick, modern feel, this Newton’s Cradle makes a fantastic gift for the home or the office.

  1. Galileo Thermometer

galileo thermometer glass weather ornament

You could look at your phone for a weather update, but the Galileo Thermometer is just so much more fun. It works based off Galileo Galilei’s 17th century design, which uses a whole bunch of science to let liquid density measure temperature. Plus, it looks amazing!

  1. Shiatsu Neck Massager with Arm Loops

shiatsu neck massager with arm loops man in chair

This Shaitsu Neck Massager has eight massage nodes which it uses to deliver a soothing neck massage. To increase the intensity, simply pull on the arm loops. And, for even better penetration, you can turn on the massager’s optional infrared heat setting!

  1. Tiki Mugs

tiki mugs cocktail glasses

Bring a tropical feel to your summer parties, or use these Tiki Mugs in the winter to imagine you’re somewhere warm. They’re made from sturdy ceramic and painted in bright colours – perfect for enjoying delicious cocktails or just cool drinks.

  1. Globe Decanter Set

glass globe decanter with matching glasses

Modelled to look like a traditional globe of the world, the Globe Decanter is a brilliant gift for anyone who feels the spirit of adventure. The glass decanter is marked with the global continents and has a brilliantly intricate glass ship in its centre. It’s supported by a wooden cradle and comes with two tumblers, which also feature the continents.

  1. The World’s Smallest Vacuum

small vacuum cleaner for keyboards

No matter how clean you keep your desk or car, those little cracks always fill with more dust than the books on advanced paint drying theory in the library. Until now.

Thanks to the World’s Smallest Vacuum, it’s now possible to get into the world’s smallest spaces to clean. It has a reusable filter and even comes with two attachments!

  1. Arm Chair Caddy

arm chair caddy

Maybe you don’t have a coffee table. Or, maybe leaning forward to use it feels too much doing crunches. Either way, your problems are over thanks to the Arm Chair Caddy!

Hang this handy helper over your sofa’s arm and you instantly have a flat surface for storing your phone and a cuppa, plus loads of pockets for books, remotes, and other odds and ends. No more accidental exercise. Lovely.

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