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The 10 Best Stocking Fillers for Christmas 2020

09 Nov 2020

Christmas stocking fillers 2020

Are you looking for some great stocking filler ideas for Christmas this year? We list 10 awesome stocking fillers that are sure to delight!

Top 10 Stocking Fillers for Men and Women

So, you’ve got the typical chocolate orange sorted. But, what else are you going to put in all the stockings hung by the chimney with care? We’ve got some brilliant stocking filler ideas for you!

10. Headonizm Head Massager

Headonism Head Massager

Headonizm Head Massager

Remember the best news you’ve ever been given. Now, mix that with the feeling of relaxing in the bath after a delicious Sunday lunch. That’s getting on for the amazing sensation of this Headonizm Head Massager.

Slide the flexible metal fingers down over your scalp, feel the tingling sensation wash over your whole body, and wonder how a feeling that good is even legal.


9. Lights From Anywhere – Only Available at Menkind

Lights from Anywhere only at Menkind

Lights From Anywhere

Appear to grab light out of thin air and hold it between your fingertips using nothing but magic… and Lights From Anywhere! This clever magic kit contains LED lights on soft loops which fit over your thumbs. Simply switch them on and off while moving your hands for amazing results.

We’ve requested Pizza From Anywhere, but haven’t heard back yet. We’ll keep you posted.

8. Extendable Back Scratcher

extendable back scratcher

Extendable Back Scratcher

Do you feel like life’s an itch? Get your own back! With this Extendable Back Scratcher, that’s totally possible. No more rubbing your back on corners or reaching behind your neck like a Men’s Health model.

This telescopic back scratcher provides sweet relief with its seven teeth. And, once your itches are all sorted, you can use it to pull the TV remote closer to you without having to lean forward and accidentally do a sit-up. We love it!

7. Personalised Toblerone

personalised Toblerone

Personalised Toblerone

Any chocolate fan will absolutely love a Personalised Toblerone popping out of the top of their stocking. This giant, 360-gram Toblerone is a great present anyway. But, the personalisation allows you to make it even more special by adding a name to the packaging, which is printed onto a slip-on sleeve in the Toblerone font.


6. Record Album Frame

Black vinyl record frame

12” Record Frame

If you know a vinyl record lover who uses a pillow case as a stocking, be sure to fill it with this 12” Record Frame! It’s perfectly sized to be able to display 12” records or their covers. Or, game changer, the record in front of the cover!

Point is, if you know someone who wants to show off their great taste in retro media, this record frame is a fantastic stocking filler.

5. Lazy Man Self-Stirring Mug

Lazy Man Self Stirring Mug

Lazy Man Self-Stirring Mug

Next on the list of killer stocking filler ideas, we have the Lazy Man Self-Stirring Mug. This mug drastically reduces the risk of “tea stirrer’s wrist” (diagnosed by the same genius who discovered the deadly Man Flu). How? Well, it stirs itself!

We can’t get into the technicalities here. Plus, we don’t know them. But, this magical mug creates a self-generated swirl that perfectly stirs your cuppa without you having to lift a finger. Though, you’ll have to lift your thumb to push the button.

4. Beard Buddy

Beard Buddy beard trimming helper

Beard Buddy

One of our ever-popular stocking fillers for men, the Beard Buddy is a huge help to those bearded men (and women) who take grooming to heart. This clever canopy attaches to the bathroom mirror and the bearded fellow’s neck, forming a hammock of sorts that’s ready to catch all those trimmed whiskers.

This is great for anyone who doesn’t want their bathroom floor looking hairier than Steve Carell’s torso.   

3. Huzzle Cast Puzzle – Padlock

Huzzle Cast Puzzle Padlock

Huzzle Cast Puzzle – Padlock

There are some things that just go with Christmas. Family squabbling getting an honourable mention, we’re mainly thinking pantos, chocolate before breakfast, and puzzles. And, this Huzzle Cast Puzzle – Padlock makes for the perfect Christmas puzzle!

While it’s based on a safe padlock, this puzzle may be even tougher to crack. It has a 5 out of 6 star difficulty rating, so will definitely have you scratching your head on Christmas morning. But, the best presents are the ones you can play with for hours, aren’t they?

2. Cocoba Hot Chocolate Bombes

Cocoba hot chocolate bombe

Cocoba Hot Chocolate Bombe Cracker

The spelling of the word ‘bombe’ in confectionary can lead to debates that get hotter than… well, hot chocolate. But, everyone seems to be in agreement when it comes to the deliciousness of hot chocolate bombes!

Basically, bombes are chocolate spheres which are filled with mini marshmallows. When you drop one in a cup of hot milk, the chocolate melts and mixes with the milk and the marshmallows pop out. You’re then left with a delicious hot chocolate drink made with real Belgian milk chocolate!

Best of all this Cocoba Hot Chocolate Bombe Cracker has three bombes inside it!

1. United Oddsocks Sock Invaders

United Oddsocks Sock Invaders

United Oddsocks Sock Invaders

These United Oddsocks Sock Invaders socks are brilliant stocking fillers. They’re fun, a bargain, and are easy to stuff inside a Christmas stocking. The pack includes 6 completely individual socks which you can mix ‘n’ match to create 15 different combinations. It’s a socktacular gift idea for retro gamers. 

Discover our full range of stocking fillers!

Awesome Christmas Stocking Fillers at Menkind

If you like what you saw here, but want a little more for those bigger stockings, we’ve got you. Visit Menkind for our full range of stocking fillers, including gadget stocking fillers, rude stocking fillers, funny stocking fillers, and books!