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The 10 Best Unusual Gifts for Christmas 2020

13 Nov 2020

unusual gifts cat tissue holder

Are you looking for something a little different to give for Christmas? We have 10 unique gift ideas that are sure to surprise and delight!

10 Unusual Christmas Gifts to Give This Year

So, you’re looking for a gift that’s less conventional than Noel Fielding’s brand of comedy? Or, Noel Fielding in general? Yeah, no problem. These unique gift ideas are about as normal as waterproof teabags.

  1. Cat Tissue Holder

cat tissue holder

If you can pull a rabbit out of a hat, why can’t you pull tissues out of a cat? This Cat Tissue Holder is definitely one of the most unusual things we’ve ever seen. And here we were thinking that the strangest things to come out of cats were hairballs.

  1. Upside Down Sky Planter

upside down sky planter

This Upside Down Planter is sure to turn the gardening world… well, upside down. Use it to show and grow real plants in a topsy-turvy way. It uses mesh to hold the soil in, and you water it from the bottom.

The bonus in doing it this way is that the reservoir gradually waters the plant, meaning you can go longer between waterings.

  1. Fuzzy Friends Highland Cow Slippers

fuzzy friends highland cow slippers

A must-hoof item for moosive cow fans, these Fuzzy Friends Highland Cow Slippers are modelled after the fluffiest bovine buddies ever. Being made from cowsy polyester, they’re udderly comfortable, and they fit most feet up to UK size 7.

  1. Storm Glass Globe

Storm Glass Globe

This beautiful Storm Glass Globe isn’t just a fantastic piece of décor. It’s based on a classic weather prediction device and is filled with a special fluid that reacts to atmospheric pressure. Based on the state of the liquid, you can tell what the weather’s about to do.

(We’re working on a Lottery Numbers Glass Globe and are probably just a couple of hundred years away with that.)

  1. Levitating Globe in C-Shape Cradle

Storm Glass Globe

This clever Levitating Globe uses magnetic forces to hover in ‘space’. It’s supported by a stylish C-shape cradle, which has built-in multi-coloured lights for a nice touch of astral ambiance.

This smart little gadget is a stellar display piece for a desk and it plugs in with a UK mains plug.

  1. Galileo Thermometer

Galileo Thermometer

Originally conceptualised by the famous explorer, Galileo Galilei, in the 17th century, this Galileo Thermometer is a fantastic piece of homeware. Not only is it striking to look at, but its clever way of reporting the temperature is like, way more fun that the news.

Based on the temperature, the liquid in the globes changes density. So, to check the temperature, just check the brass tag on the lowest floating globe. Brilliant!

  1. The Real Book Safe

The Real Book Safe

Unlike some other book safes, which have moulded plastic pages and super-obvious titles like ‘A Secret Place by I. B. Asafe’, The Real Book Safe takes its job seriously. It has real paper pages surrounding a lockable inner, and its cover is as inconspicuous as chewing gum on a city pavement.

  1. Toilet Bowl Light

Toilet Bowl Light

The Toilet Bowl Light is an ideal gift for anyone who is tired of being punched in the eyes by light if they go the bathroom in the middle of the night. Or who wants to pretend they live in a futuristic utopia. Or Japan. Point, is, it’s brilliant!

You simply clip it over the side of your toilet and its bright LED light brightens the whole bowl. It also changes colour, giving you a choice of setting it to your favourite colour or having it cycle through them all.

Let it twinkle while you tinkle!

  1. Giant Stress Brain

Giant Stress Brain

Ever feel like stress is squeezing your brain like it’s in labour with no anaesthetics? Well, now’s your chance to get your own back. The Giant Stress Brain is a stress ball shaped like a squishy brain. It’s really the intelligent way to relieve stress.  

  1. Squawking Stress Chicken

Squawking Stress Chicken

How to describe the sound of the Squawking Stress Chicken? Imagine a chicken soprano reaching a crescendo just as it gets hit in the tenders by a stone shot out by a passing car. Kind of. Enough said.

This Stress Chicken is a fantastically funny novelty gift that is sure to relieve stress… by handing it out to everyone within earshot.

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