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Storm Glass Globe

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  • Beautiful globe-shaped Storm Glass
  • Tell the weather the old fashioned way
  • Stunning design, making a beautiful ornament
  • Crystals change shape and glass fogs up depending on the weather
Storm Glass Globe
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Back in the days before satellite uplink and weathermen who don’t ever get the weather right, the best way to tell the weather was one of these Storm Glasses. Now, this globe shaped Storm Glass is here to help you predict the weather the old fashioned way.

This beautifully designed Storm Globe can predict the weather (once you’ve given it proper setup time) depending on how the glass and the crystals react. Small crystals and cloudy glass mean thunderstorms, visible crystals means fog or humid weather, clear glass means clear weather. All the while, this globe maintains a beautiful ornamental appeal that makes it brilliant to have even if you never use it to tell the weather (and let’s face it, who will?).

If you fancy predicting the weather the old fashioned way, this is the way to do it. Not one to miss out on.