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Book Safe

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  • Kepp your valuables safe from intruders by housing them in this Book Safe
  • Safe is disguised as a New English Dictionary
  • Looks just like another book on your shelf
  • Front cover of book opens to reveal a sturdy safe
  • Book safe comes complete with two keys in case you lose one
Book Safe
Book Safe Book Safe 1 Book Safe 2
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Where would a thief never think to look? Under your bed? In the closet? No, in a book of course! 

Keep your valuable safe and free from pesky pinchers with this Book Safe. Disguised as a New English Dictionary, this sturdy safe will be the last place a thief will think to look.

And even if the first line of defence fails and someone DOES try to look inside the book safe, they’ll have a hard time getting into it without the key! The lockable safe boasts incredibly sturdy construction and comes supplied with 2 keys.