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Bottle Cap Dartboard

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  • Awesome bottle cap dartboard - drinking game for the dartist
  • Dartboard shaped like giant bottle cap: nothing if not thematic
  • Ten bottle caps for instant throwing action
  • Great for house parties, if you’ve got the patience for it
  • Measures approx. 25cm x 2cm
Bottle Cap Dartboard
Bottle Cap Dartboard Bottle Cap Dartboard Bottle Cap Dartboard Bottle Cap Dartboard
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Everyone knows that drinking and darts go together: who hasn't been to a pub and done a few rounds of darts themselves? Well now, thanks to this incredible Bottle Cap Dartboard, you can combine drinking and darts like never before.

This fun drinking game works like this: the bottle-cap-shaped dartboard is magnetic, meaning that bottle caps will stick to it. This set comes with ten caps to start with, and many normal bottle caps will also work with it, meaning that you can play with the caps you take off from the drinks you plan on drinking (making this perfect for house parties where many a cap will be uncapped). Much merriment will be had from throwing caps at the board, trying to make them stick - but be advised, it takes patience, a keen eye, and a bit of luck to hit the board at just the right angle to make the caps stick. Though watching the caps bounce off is half the fun (and this copywriter isn’t bragging about getting the highest score at all, no sir-ee).

For a fun game whether sober or drunk (though the experience will no doubt be enhanced by drunkenness), this Bottle Cap Dartboard set is the perfect party piece, whether you’re a novice thrower or a dartist. And yes, we’re sorry about that pun.

  • 1 x Bottle Cap Dartboard
  • 5 x silver bottle caps
  • 5 x black bottle caps
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