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Bottomless Cold One

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  • Perfect glass to keep your drinks chilled
  • Holds up to 16oz of liquid and is 9.5” tall
  • Liquid in between glass freezes to chill drink
  • Can keep your drinks chilled for up to 2 hours
  • Brilliant gift for anyone that loves a cold beer
Bottomless Cold One
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Have you ever gone to take a sip from your beer just to find out that it’s gone warm and flat? In the summer months this is a sadly common occurrence and can really take the fun out of sipping a nice beverage. Well fear no more because the Bottomless Cold One can solve this problem!

This fantastic glass is shaped like a fluted pint glass (please note this glass holds 16oz of liquid), and will ensure your drink stays nice and cold. The Bottomless Cold One works thanks to a thin space between the outside of the glass and the inside. This gap is filled with liquid that, when frozen, will keep your drinks child for up to 2 hours!

This glass stands at 9.5” tall and would make a perfect gift for someone that loves a nice cold bevvy now and again.