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Box of Shocks Magic Tricks

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  • Compendium of some of the most shocking tricks and practical jokes
  • Tricks include squirting ketchup over a friend's new shirt
  • Draw a black line a victim's shirt and not leave a mark 
  • Guaranteed to get gasping reactions of shock and horror!
  • Great for the budding magician or joker- suitable for ages 8+
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The Box of Shocks compendium will have victims screaming and gasping in disbelief.  Every trick and gag in the box has just one target - to take your victim totally by surprise and extract that satisfying shriek! Several brand new tricks are included; like breaking a finger backwards, ramming a pen through your hand and... er, well ... REALLY shocking tricks we just can't give away here.

Don't think of how you do a trick - think of the reaction it gets! If it's a horrified shriek or a sudden gasp then that trick will fit in this box of shocks. This brand new magic set is a finger cracking, wrist breaking spider shrieking delight!

Other tricks include: 

The Magic Disappearing Pen
"Draw" a black line on another victim's sleeve (without leaving a mark). 

The Crazy Ketchup Pen
"Squirt" tomato ketchup over their new shirt (without staining it).

Deadliest Creatures Booklet
Show some of the world's deadliest animals and amazingly make one appear totally shock your victim.

The Shock Glass.
Pour water into a cup then toss it over your victim (without them getting wet).